February 27 to March 3, 2023: What to cook this week

During spring break, make quick and easy dishes and invite the whole family to help with the meal prep of recipes such as giant meatballs or a veggie pizza—both on the menu this week.

Monday: Chicken and Tarragon Farfalle

This pasta dish, prepared in the style of a vol-au-vent with chicken, carrots and peas, is perfect for rallying children. The farfalle and carrots are cooked at the same time and added to a light sauce in which the chicken and peas are reheated. It’s a ready-to-serve meal in less than 30 minutes!

Tuesday: Shrimp Tacos with Corn Salsa and Avocado

Tacos make everything better and delight both the kids and adults on weeknights. Thanks to the shrimp, which cook in no time and are coated with a barbecue sauce, this recipe is super easy to prepare. Spread tortillas with avocado purée and garnish with shrimp and a colourful corn salsa for a true Tuesday night fiesta.

Wednesday: Pineapple Roast Chicken with Lemony Pearl Couscous

Grilled pineapple brings a sweet and tangy flavour, as well as a welcome tropical touch, to this satisfying meal the whole family—especially the children—will love. Both the pineapple and the chicken are browned in the pan and coated in a sauce made with ketchup, maple syrup and spices. Pearl couscous and a green vegetable of your choice complete each serving.

Thursday: Giant Broccoli Meatballs

Why count the number of meatballs to dish out when only one giant version is enough? These mammoth ones are made with panko breadcrumbs and a mixture of three meats and chopped broccoli. It’s definitely a recipe that has the power to make the kiddos smile with delight.

Friday: Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza

The popularity of pizza goes up a notch on Fridays, especially when you want to avoid having to overthink dinner. This recipe is ready in less than 30 minutes (faster than delivery!) and is made with naan bread topped with vegetables, slices of vegetarian sausages and cheese. It’s a vegetarian and gourmet meal—which feels good to end the week!

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