May 22 to 26, 2023: What to cook this week

Start the week off on the right foot by asking the kids to make the vegetarian balls for dinner. End it on a high note with quesadillas. In between, enjoy savoury dishes that will make everyone happy around the table.

Monday: Tofu Balls

On this holiday Monday, take advantage of the kids at home to gather everyone and get dinner done. Their little hands will be needed to make these 36 tofu balls—yep, you can freeze them, too!—that this popular spring recipe yields. Serve them with a spicy creamy sauce and rice noodles of your choice, or with a quinoa bowl with pickled vegetables and edamame on the side.

Tuesday: Glazed Salmon with Bulgur and Asparagus

This spring recipe featuring glazed salmon is easy to make and perfect for weeknight dinners. Cook the salmon fillets in a sweet and sour sauce made from maple syrup, soy sauce and fish sauce. Serve them with a side of bulgur flavoured with lime and sesame, and a seasonal vegetable: asparagus. This is a recipe that will delight everyone.

Wednesday: Creamy Miso and Mushroom Pasta

This vegetarian recipe offers the loveliest umami taste you can hope for, thanks to ingredients like miso and Parmesan. Mushrooms are also part of that flavour profile, so use a few varieties and pan-fry them with a creamy sauce that will also coat the pasta. Here’s a meal packed with flavour, quick to prepare and ideal for getting through hump day.

Thursday: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Fifteen minutes, tops. That’s all it’ll take you to put this recipe together, we promise! Simply use cooked chicken leftovers. Mix them with crudités and flavours inspired by Buffalo chicken wings and blue cheese dressing. This salad has all it takes to appeal to couch athletes. Serve it in a big bowl, family-style, on the dinner table so that everyone can dig in by themselves—but don’t forget to set some aside for tomorrow’s lunches!

Friday: Smoked Meat Quesadillas

These quick and easy quesadillas are particularly appreciated on Friday evenings, when eating your meal with your hands makes everything relaxed. In this smoked meat-inspired recipe, mix the titular protein with mini pickles and a mustard sauce that’ll give a buzz to your taste buds. Serve your quesadillas pizza-style, in slices, and don’t forget to double the recipe. The whole family will thank you with a resounding “Delicioso”!

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