November 25-29, 2019: What to Cook This Week

In this final week of November, we’re craving satisfying dishes to make us forget that winter is right around the corner. We’re crazy about crispy tofu, take full advantage of our trusty slow cooker, and travel to Asia for rich and sweet duck.

Monday: Crispy Tofu Fingers with Honey-Mustard Sauce

Not a fan of the texture of tofu? Give it a little crunch! Cut the tofu into sticks, dip them in beaten eggs and roll them in crushed Rice Krispies cereal. Once cooked in the pan, this tofu becomes ultra-crispy and totally addictive.

Tuesday: Mushroom Barley Soup with Poached Egg

Fall is such a wonderful time for soup. Warm and comforting, it fills the house with inviting aromas. Barley, mushrooms and spinach give this one body, while the poached egg adds texture. Served with a slice of toast, it makes for a hearty meal.

Wednesday: Sweet and Savoury Braised Pork

We adore meals that have been simmering in the slow cooker. After having been cooked all day, a warm meal awaits us upon returning home from work, giving us the impression that dinner prepared itself as if by magic! The enchantment continues with this delicious braised pork shoulder that marries the flavours of brown sugar, soy sauce and green curry paste.

Thursday: One-Pot Cheese Tortellini

The simplest recipes are sometimes the best, and when you only need a single pot to prepare everything, it’s even better. Here, you cook the tortellini in chicken broth, then add leek, pancetta, peas and cream. Voilà!

Friday: Duck Confit Crepes

Start the weekend off right, with crepes! But not the sweet ones, rather a savoury Asian version. Traditionally, these crepes are topped with Peking duck, but we simplified this recipe by using confit duck legs mixed with hoisin sauce and sesame oil.