January 6-10, 2020: What to Cook This Week

The holidays are officially over. After two weeks of rich meals, sweet treats and snacks at any time of the day, it’s time to look ahead to a slightly lighter and more balanced diet. Grilled vegetables, meal-sized salads and flavourful fish tacos are a great way to start.

Monday: Sunny-Side-Up Eggs with Vegetables and Toasted Sesame

This recipe is perfect for evenings when you have no desire to cook. All you have to do is make some quinoa, sauté some peppers and zucchini and place a fried egg on top. To round it out, drizzle the dish with an incredibly simple sauce made with soy sauce, maple syrup and sesame oil.

Tuesday: Chicken Drumsticks with Tomatoes and Lentils

Place chicken drumsticks, cubed butternut squash, tomatoes and lentils in a Dutch oven and let it simmer for an hour. The results? A warm and comforting meal that goes great with bread, pasta or rice.

Wednesday: Roasted Salmon Salad with Crunchy Vegetables

We love eating a good salad in the middle of winter—it adds colour to our plate and is chock full of vitamins. Here, green dominates this dish with Brussels sprout leaves, sweet peas, fresh dill, green apple and avocado. We balance it out with the addition of a protein: perfectly pink salmon.

Thursday: Sausage Stew with Polenta

Here’s a great fast-track stew recipe that’s bursting with flavour. Sliced Italian sausages, vegetables (peppers, onions, broccoli) and chicken broth are served on a quick polenta. It’s so good, you won’t believe how easy it was to make.

Friday: Fish Tacos

After this first week back at the office, give yourself a little Mexican fiesta-made-easy. Pieces of cod or haddock fillets are piled in a hard taco shell with a sweet and bright mango and tomato salsa, garnished with cilantro. If you’re feeling extra spicy, serve it with a beer and lime wedge. After all, it’s Friday!