January 27-31, 2020: What to Cook This Week

On the menu this week are recipes that can be prepared in just a few minutes: Sesame beef stir-fry, grilled salmon, and ricotta and sausage pasta will simplify your suppers!

Monday: Barley and Bean Soup

In the dead of winter, a large bowl of hot, satisfying soup is always welcome. This one is vegetarian and full of protein, packed with lentils, barley, chickpeas and kidney beans. Ultra-nourishing, there’s also a good dose of greens thanks to herbs and spinach.

Tuesday: Sesame Beef and Snow Pea Stir-Fry

An Asian-inspired sauce, caramelized beef, crunchy vegetables… What more could you want? This stir-fry—teeming with warm sesame flavours in both the sauce and as a garnish—is fast to make and, even better, can be prepared in a single frying pan!

Wednesday: Grilled Salmon with Tomato Confit and Artichokes

The tomato confit and artichoke hearts that make up the veggie portion of this recipe are given a sweet and spicy treatment thanks to harissa and maple syrup. Served alongside pan-fried salmon fillets, this health-minded meal will take only 15 minutes to cook.

Thursday: Ricotta and Sausage Pasta

The whole family will love this Italian sausage pasta. To make the sauce, simply add canned tomatoes to the sausage meat and simmer for about 15 minutes. After adding a short pasta of your choice, top with ricotta cheese and fresh basil.

Friday: Chicken Banh Mi

For a more exciting Friday, try transforming a chicken sandwich. Traditional mayonnaise gets some added kick with mirin, hoisin sauce, chili sauce and five-spice, which is then schmeared generously on a fresh baguette. Add chicken, crunchy cucumbers and carrots, then kick your feet up, it’s the weekend!