June 8–12, 2020: What to Eat in Season This Week

Harvest season has begun! This week, we’ve stocked up on vegetables from our gardens. There’s so much fresh produce and local summer eats to bite into. Time to get cooking!

Monday: Asparagus, Onion and Feta Toasts

Asparagus have arrived in grocery stores, officially marking the start of harvest season. Paired with a poached egg and topped with fresh herbs, this open-faced sandwich is sure to please!

Tuesday: Salmon Wrapped in Swiss Chard

You may not always know what to do with Swiss chard, however, it’s very versatile! In this recipe, we wrap it around flavourful fish. Be sure to take advantage of this stalked, leafy green vegetable while it’s in abundance.

Wednesday: Sumac Chicken with Marinated Cucumbers

Field cucumbers are starting to stream into the produce section. Pair them with fresh herbs and meat flavoured with lemony Middle-Eastern sumac. It’s the perfect meal to make (and remake!) this summer as different varieties of cucumber continue to arrive.

Thursday: Mushroom and Spinach Frittata

Don’t wrack your brain trying to figure out dinner; this frittata is quick and easy to prepare with fresh, local spinach! If you want to get the kids to help out, have them rince the spinach or whisk the eggs!

Friday: Warm Soba Noodle Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

This colourful recipe is ideal for warm summer nights. Radishes (often the first vegetables in our gardens!) add a fresh and crunchy touch. Use a blender to finely purée the herbs for a smooth dressing made with locally grown watercress.

And for dessert: Rhubarb “Tiramisu”

You’ll need ample rhubarb to prepare compote and other recipes, such as this light dessert. The tartness of this vegetable, often thought of and used as a fruit, will tantalize your taste buds.