Culinary Travel Memories of RICARDO Staff

Each and every travel destination has its own culinary traditions. As trips abroad are rare these days due to the pandemic, our Test Kitchen decided to bring to life a few recipes inspired by the travels that have left a mark on their colleagues. Ready to take off? Here are a few international dishes to discover.


Image Italie

“I tasted this stew in an open air market in Greve (in the Chianti region), and it was fabulous. Tuscany has a rustic side that I really appreciate and it translates into its cuisine. In this hunting environment, even the poorest soil yields the tastiest ingredients. I happen to have a Panzano wine, made with Sangiovese, that I brought back from this trip, which I will drink soon and pair with this dish.”

— Étienne, Creative Chef and Food Stylist


Image Japon

“We celebrated Ricardo’s 50th birthday by going on a culinary vacation to Tokyo. Our visit to the historic Tsukiji fish market, a major tourist site, is still one of my favourite memories to this day. Firstly, because it was closing its doors in a matter of weeks to move to a new location, but above all for the incredible freshness and soft texture of the tuna that we enjoyed by the spoonful.”

— Brigitte, President and Editor


Image Grèce

“After spending a whole summer there with my family when I was 6 years old, I found myself in the Cyclades once again as an adult and it took me straight back to my childhood. This recipe is a nice variation of the Cretan salad we enjoyed in a small family restaurant on the island of Naxos. The owners were so nice. The grandmother, who only spoke Greek, grabbed fresh fruit right from her garden as a dessert for my children.”

— Marisol, Project Administrator - Content

Travel memories
  • France: “In France, there’s a dessert served in all restaurants and cafés: the café gourmand! It is an espresso (or a tea, depending on your preference), accompanied by an assortment of miniature desserts (molten chocolate cake, tiramisu, panna cotta, macarons, profiteroles, etc.). I love this concept, because you have the chance to taste several desserts from the menu in small quantities, which definitely satisfies your sweet tooth.”


    — Anicée, Project Administrator - Commercial Marketing


  • New York (United States): “I loved the pork belly wraps in perilla leaves I had at a Korean restaurant in New York last year. It came with rice, carrot and radish salad (a quick kimchi), gochujang sauce and bean paste. During my staycation this past summer, I tried to recreate this dish, and I am happy to say it was a success.”


    — Jean-Michel, Photographer


  • Mexico: “Tacos of all kinds in Tulum, particularly those at Safari cooked on charcoal. And I can’t forget the paletas (ice pops)... I go to Mexico almost exclusively for those!”


    — Isabelle, Café RICARDO Chef



“I remember in Marrakech, with the help of a young local, navigating a labyrinth of souks for what felt like forever, in order to find a tiny spot that served the best harira. We ate it on a bench sitting alongside residents. It was delicious, nutritious and ridiculously affordable.” 

— Cristine, Art Director


“The first time I tried tacos al pastor was at a tiny spot called Taco Queto. We were seated outside with a tarp for a roof and plastic patio chairs. They were so good. Authentic little tacos with the perfect blend of flavours. Now every time I go to Mexico, eating tacos al pastor is on my list.”

— Julie, Digital Director


“We could probably devote an entire article to the variety of Peruvian cuisine. When it comes to street food, papas rellenas has stayed in my mind still. They’re fried, tasty and best enjoyed with a spicy sauce, on a paper plate, while watching the sunset, with a pisco sour or two!”

— Éliza, Food Stylist

El Salvador

“It’s the traditional and emblematic dish of my favourite surfing country! After spending the morning under the sun catching some waves, we stopped to eat under a typical hut. To my delight, I enjoyed these pupusas con camarón prepared with ease by a villager. Along with a curtido salad and spicy tomato sauce, there was enough to satisfy a bunch of hungry surfers!”

— Audrey-Anne

Travel memories
  • Iceland: “Iceland is certainly a place to go when you want a change of scenery! Reykjavík was still asleep when we left the airport, so we stopped for breakfast at Bergsson Mathús. While enjoying their classic brunch plate, I immediately saw myself reproducing it back home with local products: skyr with muesli, berry compote, hard-boiled egg, prosciutto, cheese and sourdough bread. A classic for those Nordic Saturday mornings!”


    — Maude, Content and Creative Director


  • Portugal: “Limpets (small conical molluscs) with a slightly spicy garlic tomato sauce during a visit to Pico Island in the Azores were delectable! There was only one small restaurant in the village where we were staying, and every evening we went there to enjoy a platter.”


    — Charline-Ève, Editor


  • Hawaii (United States): “When I visited the town of Hilo in Hawaii last February, we ate at Pineapple’s Island. We ordered a poke tower and a side of teriyaki steak. I’m not a red meat lover, but it was worth it! This is a must-visit spot if you’re in the area.”


    — Claudia


  • England: “On a typically rainy London day, we took refuge in a picturesque pub: The George Inn, which has been open since the 1500s. I ordered the ploughman’s lunch, a classic meal consisting of cold cuts, cheese, crudités, bread and chutney. Along with a cold beer, it was very comforting!”


    — Caroline, Art Director



“After a week strolling around the ruins in Rome, my travel partner and I got off the plane in Barcelona. We went to a restaurant far from the historic centre, to eat among the locals. You would think it would be difficult for a vegan to enjoy their traditional recipes, but that wasn’t the case! On the menu: tapas, wine and paella, all made without animal products. Delightful!”

— Stéphanie

New Orleans (United States)

“New Orleans is one of my favourite cities for its joie de vivre, its colourful Creole-style architecture and its generous and blended cuisine. Of the five bread puddings I tried during my first visit, I was floored when I tasted the one at Commander’s Palace, one of the best restaurants in the United States. Maybe that’s why I gained three pounds in eight days. It was for work purposes, of course!”

— Ricardo


“It was likely the height of cherry season, since there were cherry desserts in all the restaurants and bakeries while we were there. I even knew how to recognize the word: wiśnia. My Polish being limited, I had no idea of the nice surprise that was also inside: fresh cheese! To this day, these two flavours combined remain a perfect combination for me.”

— Geneviève, Graphic Designer

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