10 Food Trends for 2023

What will this new year hold? The RICARDO team has looked at what will influence the next 12 months in cooking and food. The quest for proximity and transparency, greener initiatives and, unsurprisingly, the consequences of inflation are among 10 culinary trends that will mark 2023.

1. Proximity and transparency

Now more than ever, people want to know where their food comes from, how it’s prepared, and the large- and small-scale impact it may have. Led by younger generations, this quest for sustainability and reducing the effects our consumption has on the planet will be expressed through transparency between consumers and the supply chains.

There will also be talk of local food and better communication between companies and their customers. All of this can be expressed through urban agriculture, regenerative agriculture and even food sovereignty in a quest to reclaim our food.

2. Inflation

The word on everyone’s lips at the end of the year? Inflation. The current prices at the grocery store will likely make you rethink what you buy on a weekly basis and will allow you to innovate in the kitchen with more affordable options. Think better use of non-perishable products, canned food and other lower-cost ingredients that will play a more prominent role in your recipes.

3. More meatless plates

Tofu is now more popular than ever! Plant-based foods are no longer seen as just an “alternative,” but as ingredients in their own right. In 2023, we will shine a light on vegetarian dishes and ingredients, treating them in the exact same way in the kitchen as we would meat proteins.

4. The rise of mushrooms

The spectacular ascent of mushrooms as a featured ingredient in recipes will continue next year. More and more restaurants are including them in their menus for their rich umami flavour (known as the fifth basic taste), their low environmental impact and also their low cost. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as more and more varieties pop up at grocery stores.

5. Expanding on eating local

Consumers’ curiosity to learn more about where their food comes from will push the market to innovate in order to offer quality “local” products without compromise. There are many examples of initiatives, such as winter vegetable production, the work of innovative farmers like Jean-Martin Fortier, or even the growing list of urban agriculture initiatives. Ideas certainly aren’t lacking!

6. Social media and fusion cuisine

Along with the trend towards closer proximity to our foods, social media will open our eyes to recipes from around the world. The amalgamation of the two trends will bring us beautiful fusion-inspired recipes and a desire to discover new products.

7. The new spicy

This desire for discovery will lead us to broaden our horizons with regard to peppers and spices. The popularity of hot peppers in recent years has appeared in everything from honey to potato chip flavours. Nuance will come to 2023 with the discovery of peppers and spices that’ll elevate the spiciness game.

8. Passionate about drinks

Propelled by the soaring rise of non-alcoholic beverages, a growing interest in other little-known drinks is to be expected. Bubble tea is already much loved, as is matcha tea. But say hello to Japanese hojicha tea, michelagua made with juice and spices, or even the Mexican rice drink, horchata. In tea, iced or shaken, a world of possibilities is opening up!

9. Algae

Kombu, Wakamé et Nori sont toutes des algues Kombu, wakame and nori are all well-known seaweeds from Japanese cuisine. Well established in Asia and in some coastal regions around the world, the consumption of seaweed is still not very common here. However, several varieties of algae exist in the St. Lawrence River and would benefit from being discovered and appreciated in 2023.

10. Bring on the boards

This wouldn’t be a real 2023 food trend article if we didn’t talk about boards! We’ve seen them in abundance these past few months. We don’t think the butter board trend will last beyond the next few months, but the concept itself is sure to spread. We’ve missed the act of eating together, and the concept of sharing is made easier with a platter. So the tradition will be kept alive next year.

Bonus: Dare to try something new

Last year’s 2022 trends article ended with a prediction that we’d be hosting gatherings and eating together once more in the coming year. For 2023, we’re daring to discover new cuisines or try new proteins. The year 2023 will surely bring the opportunity to discover!