Our Most Popular New Recipes in 2022

Here at RICARDO, we like taking stock. And as 2022 will soon come to a close, we were curious to know which new recipes you particularly enjoyed throughout this past year. Fried rice, beef burritos, tofu with peanut sauce… Once again, you didn’t skimp on taste! Without further ado, here are our 10 most popular new recipes from the past several months.

1. Chicken Cutlets, Gnocchi and Kale with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Creamy chicken served with store-bought gnocchi to speed things up, and then cooked in a single skillet for minimal cleanup? We think that’s a winning combination. We can see why this recipe nabbed the top spot.

2. Tofu and Vegetable Fried Rice

This vegetarian dish is generous in both taste and texture, and is also a healthy and budget-friendly option… What more could you ask for? This classic rice dish is perfect for using up leftover veggies from the fridge.

3. Beef Burritos

How does a hearty burrito with beef, black beans and a generous portion of cheese sound? Many of you truly enjoyed this recipe, especially given that it’s simple to execute and makes for a tasty lunch the next day.  

4. Chicken Shish Taouk (The Best)

Juicy marinated chicken served with a homemade garlic sauce; that’s what was missing from our site. Tender and delicious, this shish taouk is truly restaurant worthy. It was also the (now granted) wish of both Ricardo and Brigitte. This is Lebanese-inspired cuisine at its finest.

5. Tofu with Peanut Sauce

Peanut chicken takes on a vegetarian twist in this skillet tofu recipe. We promise you’ll simply fall for the creamy peanut sauce that coats the protein. It’s a dish that fires on all cylinders.

6. Yogurt, Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffin-Top Cookies

Made with raspberries, yogurt and white chocolate, these muffin-top cookies are both tender and crunchy at the same time. The cherry on top? You’ll get what is inarguably the best part of the muffin with each bite!

7. Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce

These slow-cooked chops in a delicious cream sauce can only be described as exquisite. And you all seem to agree with us. Just set the slow cooker for a few hours and wait for the magic to happen.

8. Udon Noodles with Spicy Beef and Tamari

When good taste meets low cost, you get this tasty Asian-inspired noodle dish. Who ever said you have to pay a lot to treat yourself? The freshness of the cucumber and the sweet-savoury sauce heighten the pleasure of this affordable meal.

9. Pickled Eggs

Here’s a recipe that’ll help you out in a pinch. Whether on a platter with cold cuts or for a light meal with a salad, marinated eggs are all-encompassing. You can prepare them in advance and then serve them whenever and whatever the occasion.

10. Rice Cereal and Marshmallow Squares (Rice KrispiesTM Squares)

Hard to believe, but we never had this classic treat on our site. Clearly we had forgotten to develop one, so here are the famous chewy squares with a generous amount of marshmallows, as well as rice cereal and vanilla.