August 17-22, 2020: Five revamped classics

This week, we turn to tried and true recipe classics—from here and beyond—but with a little RICARDO twist. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our new feature on revamped dinners in our latest magazine, on newsstands now!

Monday: Deconstructed Samosa and Chickpea Curry

These traditional fried Indian parcels are perfect for changing up your routine. And don’t expect them to be served with the usual tart and tangy sauce, but rather topped with a flavour-packed chickpea curry for a hearty meal.

Tuesday: Portuguese Chicken Express

For an easy, breezy weeknight, try a super-simple Portuguese chicken! Bonus: For those who like a touch of spice, this one definitely delivers. Just as tasty as the traditional recipe, this bird is guaranteed to be a chicken dinner winner.

Wednesday: Welcome to the Club

A sandwich for dinner? Oh yes! Especially when it’s simple and totally irresistible. Cooked turkey and pancetta replace the chicken and bacon in this family dish, where ingredients are layered for a club sandwich that’s as good to look at as it is to eat.

Thursday: Grilled Vegetable Salad on a Lasagna Noodle

Take a break from the usual ham-mayo-celery pasta salad combination, and try out this version with grilled vegetables and ricotta cheese! The lasagna underneath soaks up all the pesto-infused flavours, giving this dinner a Mediterranean feel.

Friday: Creamy Broccoli Pizza

Lovers of Italian cuisine, bask in the pleasure of this unctuous pie that goes slightly off the beaten track. Bake it on a pizza stone for best results, and get ready for amore at first bite!