July 26 to 30, 2021: A Weekly Menu That’ll Bowl You Over

Meal-sized bowls are our best allies during the week to eat more vegetables, all while being more efficient in the kitchen. As the saying goes: One power bowl a day brings you closer to happiness! Have a great week!

Monday: Quinoa Bowl with Pickled Vegetables and Edamame

This Monday, we’re cooking quinoa with crunchy vegetables. This dish is absolutely delicious when paired with leftover cooked chicken or tender tofu balls. It’s a breath of fresh air in a bowl!

Tuesday: Family-Style Spicy Thai Beef

The whole family will enjoy this Thai-inspired dish featuring spicy ground beef and rice vermicelli. Place all the ingredients at the centre of the table so that everyone can build their own bowl according to their tastes. With cilantro and mint leaves for garnish, it’s freshness guaranteed!

Wednesday: Buddha Bowl

We’ve made it to the middle of the week, so let’s go vegetarian today! Divide the soba noodles into bowls, then add pickled vegetables, chickpeas and green beans. Garnish with mango and cilantro, and don’t forget the peanut sauce.

Thursday: Wild Rice Bowl with Squash, Mushrooms and Duck Confit

Deconstructed orange duck in a bowl? Why not! Here, shredded confit duck legs are served with wild rice, squash and mushrooms. Be sure to add some arugula for a peppery and colourful note.

Friday: Tuna and Pineapple Poke Bowl

Cap off the week in style with the king of all bowls: poke! Pineapple replaces the traditional mango, and roasted cashews marry well with the flavour of hoisin sauce (a key ingredient in the tuna’s marinade). Add basil and serrano chili pepper for a touch of originality!

Dessert: Papaya Sorbet Bowl

The juicy flesh of the papaya is made into sorbet, garnished with lime, and then served in a bowl consisting of the papaya skin. How refreshing!

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