August 2 to 6, 2021: No-Cook Recipes to Enjoy This Week

We may be halfway through summer, but we have many weeks of warm, sunny days ahead. On these hotter days, turning on the oven or stove gets a big “no” from us if it can be avoided! So check out these satisfying meal ideas that are best enjoyed raw.

Monday: Salmon Tartare (The Best)

How can we resist a decadent salmon tartare? After all, this fancy recipe served with a bag of chips on the side makes a great dinner. A key tool for getting that perfect, restaurant-style presentation? The rings of our burger press!

Tuesday: Chicken, Mango and Avocado Sandwich

A precooked chicken from the supermarket is a weeknight saviour time and again. On a hot summer day, simply chop the poultry into pieces and serve in a sandwich with mango and avocado.

Wednesday: Tunisian-Style Tuna Salad

This simple salad is bursting with fresh vegetables and boasts a pantry ingredient you know and love: canned tuna. It’s the perfect, protein-rich recipe for when it’s too hot outside to turn on the stovetop.

Thursday: Sun-dried Tomato and Prosciutto Baguette

Sandwiches will always and forever be our go-to meals on hotter than hot days. Bread, cheese, deli meats and raw and marinated veggies make for a satisfying dinner. 

Friday: Family-Style Appetizer Platter

What could be easier than combining canned and jarred ingredients on a serving platter for everyone to enjoy? Answer: There is nothing easier than that.

Dessert: No-Bake Berry Refrigerator Cake

Sweet tooths can’t be ignored, even on hot summer days! So if you’re craving cake but baking one is not an option, this no-bake version with cookies and fresh berries will surely hit the spot.