April 25 to 29, 2022: What to Cook This Week

Cap off the month of April with this selection of delicious meal ideas. From a grilled beef dish that’ll have you dreaming of summer to a fresh smoked salmon pizza, these recipes are sure to become fast family favourites.

Monday: Buffalo Pork Tenderloin

Can’t get enough of Buffalo chicken wings? If so, you’ll love this weeknight twist on the spicy game-day classic starring pork tenderloin. Yes, it includes a cool blue cheese sauce!

Tuesday: Zucchini and Smoked Salmon Pizzas

Brighten up the dinner table with this light and fresh pizza featuring crispy pita bread, tender zucchini and sliced smoked salmon. Everyone can garnish their own pizza as they please with shallots, dill and capers. So chic and easy to make!

Wednesday: Grilled Beef with Green Bean Salad and Onion Dressing

Sure, it may not be grilling season quite yet, but that’s where a trusty grill pan comes in. This yummy beef has the right amount of char and grilled flavour, and it’s the perfect teaser for the summer season to come.

Thursday: Lettuce Cream Soup with Nordic Shrimp

Nordic shrimp from the cold waters of the St. Lawrence are now in season, and each year, we’re eager to sample them in various recipes. This tasty lettuce soup (a great way to use up any you have in the fridge!) is topped with the pink crustaceans, pearl barley, cherry tomatoes and sour cream.

Friday: Pan-Fried Chicken with Vegetable Noodles and Tao Dressing

Here’s a fun twist on the classic General Tao chicken! Instead of small bites of chicken, we drizzle an umami-rich sauce onto a breaded chicken cutlet, which is served alongside spiralized veggies.