August 14 to 18, 2023: What to Cook This Week

Summer is still here, and it’s good to make the most of recipes that showcase seasonal vegetables, barbecue dishes, as well as quick and easy meals to enjoy outside with the family.

Monday: Tofu Souvlaki Brochettes

Follow the meatless-Monday trend with this delicious recipe inspired by souvlaki. Marinate cubed tofu and thread the cubes onto skewers, alternating with vegetables. Grill the brochettes on the barbecue, brushing them with the rest of the marinade for a touch of extra flavour. Pita bread with a mixture of sour cream and cucumber completes this super-simple vegetarian meal.

Tuesday: Beef Keftas with Tabbouleh and Sumac Sauce

Make way for a Middle Eastern specialty with these keftas—skewers of spiced ground beef. The recipe calls for a side of tabbouleh—a cold parsley salad with bulgur—using half of it to replace the bread crumbs in the meat mixture. Serve everything with a tasty Greek yogurt and sumac sauce. Just the thing to put a little sunshine in your summer!

Wednesday: Tomato and Peach Salad with Béarnaise Dressing

Tomatoes and peaches are abundant at this time of year. And even if you think that marrying them may seem unusual, this recipe will convince you of that magic pairing. The salad also includes sugar snap peas and radicchio leaves, for a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Serve it with a dressing that combines egg yolks, shallots and tarragon, inspired by classic Béarnaise sauce. A lovely discovery to add to your recipe collection.

Thursday: Edamame and Salmon Bowl

Meal bowls, such as poke bowls, are among the most logical choices when you’re looking for a healthy meal. Generous and colourful, they give you full portions of good veggies and proteins while being nicely filling. Focused on Asian flavours, this recipe is easy to put together, making it an ideal option for weeknight dinners. Red cabbage, cucumber and avocado bring the finishing touches to these bowls. Serve them with spicy mayo.

Friday: Barbecue Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza on the barbecue is an excellent way to satisfy the whole family, and especially the kids, on Friday evenings. This variation on Hawaiian pizza, topped with grilled ham, caramelized pineapple and bacon condiment, fits the bill to a T! You can make it from scratch with homemade pizza dough or save some time with store-bought dough.

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