5 Desserts to Make on the Grill

You read it right: Even desserts can go on the grill! We reinvented, turned upside down, melted, grilled and gave a fruity touch to some of the sweetest pleasures of the season. Let’s make the most of our balconies and backyards by enjoying these 5 barbecued desserts in the sun, because it feels like summer!

desserts à cuisiner au barbecue

1. Reinvented

Sometimes called a “pinwheel” or “cruller,” we all have a name for this twisted honey doughnut, but here we give it a completely different spin: We grill a store-bought one along with pineapple and rum-spiced syrup, then garnish it with ice cream and crushed pistachios. Trust us, this is better than a dozen doughnuts!

2. Upside down

Muffin pans on the grill? We dared, we did! But there’s no fear since these ones, with apricots on the bottom just waiting to be flipped onto your plate, are cooked on indirect heat, above an extinguished grill. It’s the ideal individual treat for a beautiful summer evening.

3. Melted

Place this pudding cake in the centre of the table (we sure did when we were testing it at RICARDO!). Cooked in a cast iron skillet, this cake, with its very tender, melting centre, is soaking in an ultra-gooey chocolate sauce, and best served hot. It’s the perfect dessert for barbecue cooking as all the liquid and moisture ensure the bottom of the cake doesn’t burn. 

4. Grilled

Grilling a lemon poppy seed cake (homemade or store-bought) gives it a whole new personality, making it crunchy and slightly smoky. Serve it with cherries jubilee cooked on the grill and a little crème fraîche for the whole family’s enjoyment!

5. Fruity

Here’s the recipe for an easy summer dessert. Raspberry coulis, peaches, ice cream and a hot barbecue make up a beautiful tribute to the classic peach Melba. The fruit, seared for a few minutes on the grill, is simply drizzled with coulis and topped with ice cream for the ultimate seasonal treat.