10 Desserts to Try This Fall

The autumn season has arrived! When the light begins to change and the days get shorter, our urge to stay inside and cook returns. So why not take this opportunity to prepare some super-satisfying desserts while admiring all the beautiful colours outside? Here are 10 recipes to try this season.

1. Cinnamon and Pecan Coffee Cake

It’s impossible not to talk about cinnamon—the flagship spice of the fall season—when making a comforting dessert like this coffee cake. With its roasted nuts and lightly drizzled icing, this cake has everything to warm up a cool evening.

2. Squash Cake

Squash works wonders in a dessert. With this particular cake, buttercup squash lends a warm, comforting flavour that’s perfectly in tune with the season. Sprinkle with sliced almonds and serve warm to fully appreciate this fall delight.

3. Sticky Toffee Pudding

There is nothing like a moist date cake with oozing caramel to make us forget that the temperature is dropping. This divine pudding is prepared in the slow cooker, which keeps it ultra-soft. Rich and totally irresistible.

4. Chocolate-Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

In the fall, strawberries and raspberries give way to another red fruit...cranberries! The latter, combined with chocolate, bring amazing flavour to this cake. And, for the extra surprise, when you turn it over, its ruby-coloured filling is revealed!

5. Apple Brown Betty

This apple crisp called Brown Betty—especially popular in the United States—features its star ingredient: dry bread. Similar to a crumble but without oats as a garnish, this dessert requires six cups of apples, ideal to make post apple picking!

6. Maple-Glazed Banana Scones

Fluffy scones to enjoy with a cup of tea while watching the fall rain? Now that’s what we call comfort! The addition of bananas gives them an airy texture and sweet aroma, while maple butter adds just the right amount of sugar.

7. Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

It’s impossible to bake desserts this time of year without mentioning pumpkin. In this crème brûlée recipe, we’ve combined vanilla, cream and various spices. It’s best enjoyed after a fall day spent outdoors.

8. Egg Custard and Nutmeg Tart

An old-fashioned dessert reminiscent of our grandmothers, for this tart the eggs are used in two ways: the yolks serve as the filling, mixed with nutmeg and milk, and the whites are brushed on the crust to give it a golden colour.

9. Carrot Muffins

These 100% carrot muffins are an unbeatable classic that warms our hearts! In addition to being easy to prepare, they are also easy to enjoy. With raisins and spices such as cinnamon and ginger, they’ll brighten up any lunch or after-dinner snack.

10. Belle-Hélène Pears

This classic French dessert is simple and chic. Essentially composed of poached pears and a chocolate sauce, it is perfect for cocooning with style. Whipped cream or ice cream is added to make this plate a truly pleasurable experience.