8 Weekday Recipes that Celebrate Maple from Breakfast to Dessert

It goes without saying: You can never have too much maple, especially at this time of year during sugar shack season. To celebrate our unconditional love for this local delight, we embarked on the (difficult) task of selecting our favourite recipes that put maple forward, no matter the time of day. A touch of maple is always a good idea!


1. Almond, Sunflower and Maple Butter

Start the day with this sweet walnut spread that is just as good (if not better!) as what you can find in grocery stores. Made with almonds, sunflower seeds and maple sugar, it’s not only good to spread on toast with sliced bananas, but also to slather on pancakes that have been made ahead of time.

2. Banana Bread with Maple Crumble

Weekends are for baking bread so that you can enjoy it on weekday mornings. In this version, we use bananas and a mixture of maple sugar, butter and pecans as a garnish. The crumble adds a touch of crunch and sweetness that starts the day on a high note.


3. Cream of Carrot and Rutabaga Soup with Maple Syrup

The sweet taste of root vegetables goes hand-in-hand with maple in this creamy soup that’s sure to delight your taste buds. With its comforting and familiar flavours, this lunchtime meal is easy to love. This is also a recipe that will please the children and can be easily added to their lunchbox in an airtight container with a slice of bread and cheese.

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4. Apple, Walnut and Bacon Green Salad

For a delicious lunch, try this salad where maple is used in two ways. First, in caramelized walnuts that are used to top the salad, then in the creamy vinaigrette. And with a few slices of bacon cooked and crumbled as a final garnish, this salad is a midday winner.


5. Maple-Glazed Pork Chops

Sweet and savoury flavours are what make this pork chop recipe irresistible. The meat cooks quickly for an express weekday dinner, but doesn’t skimp on flavour with a sublime glaze combining maple syrup and soy sauce. All that remains is to serve it with a quinoa salad. 

6. Maple and Pear Veal Medallions

There are certain food pairings that naturally go well together, and this recipe is a perfect example. Maple and cream are paired in a rich sauce that gives this dish its irresistible edge, which is used to generously coat the meat, and served with pears.


7. Maple Baked Apples

On the dessert side, there’s no shortage of maple-induced ideas. Maple syrup is the sugar of choice in a variety of recipes, starting with this delicious apple dish, where it’s mixed with butter and granola. It’s a treat that will remind you of childhood desserts, and is prepared in just 15 minutes to boot!

8. Sticky Toffee Pudding in a Cup

It’s hard to resist this traditional dessert. With its soft cake, thick syrup, convenient cup size, as well as speedy preparation, it’s simply divine. There is always room at the end of the meal for something sweet!

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