6 Tips for an Unforgettable Picnic

Whether with family or friends, organizing a picnic is one of the most enjoyable summer activities, especially when you’ve planned it correctly. Because even the simplest picnic requires advance organization! Here are a few tips to make your outing a successful one. Then you can simply enjoy your meal once settled, taking a bite out of summer.

1. Stay dry

To keep your picnic blanket safe from dewy grass, place a garbage bag underneath it. This will make the blanket a bit more waterproof and will keep you dry while seated. You can then use the garbage bag for your trash!

2. Be well-equipped

When you’re off to a picnic, even though we want to keep things light, it’s important to have everything you need to keep your lunch organized. You can wrap plates, utensils and glasses from your home in dishcloths. These will help keep everything from breaking, and then they can be used to wipe your hands. For tableware that won’t break, our bamboo collection fits the bill. It’s also light and eco-friendly. 

3. Bring two coolers 

To keep everything from becoming pell-mell and your cooler from warming up after being opened over and over, bring along two coolers (or isothermal bags): one for your salads and the other for refreshments.

When it comes to salad, you’re not without choices: 

Switch things up to add variety and give everyone a few choices. You can even help yourself to a second serving! 

4. Keep salads fresh

Prevent leaks, such as dressings that end up at the bottom of the cooler, by placing salads in Mason jars, which are then surrounded by cold packs. If the latter are too supple, you can hold them in place around the jars with rubber bands.

It is also wise to add dressing at the last minute to avoid drenching the greens. It can be more or less fragrant, tart, or sweet, all while remaining easy to prepare. We prefer olive oil-based dressings, or nut oil and vinegar-based dressings, which are least sensitive to warm temperatures. If you choose mayonnaise-based, be sure to transport it in a cold cooler.

5. Have cold water handy

Fill a few plastic water bottles ¾ full and place them in the refrigerator the night before your picnic.This will ensure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout your meal, and the bottles will also keep the other foods in the bag cool.

6. Stay away from insects

Flies and wasps are most attracted to sugar, so it isn’t rare to see one or two flying around your lemonade glasses! Avoid this by bringing along a few coasters, which you can place on top of the glasses containing your summer drinks.

Speaking of cocktails, during a picnic, we enjoy eating and drinking. It is for this reason that we opt for flavourful and refreshing drinks that are served in non-breakable glassware. When it comes to alcohol-based drinks, we keep things simple with a Caribbean punch, orange juice and sparkling wine, or even a white sangria with mango and honey that we put together before heading out the door. For alcohol-free drinks, a watermelon agua fresca or an orange lemonade will work just fine.

Finally, don’t forget to bring a few games along, just to help stretch your legs after your delicious meal. Now that you’ve read these tips, you are ready to prepare your outdoor lunch. All that’s left is finding that perfect spot!