3 Steps to Organizing Your Weeknight Meals

Dinnertime is sacred. And it’s even better when it’s well planned and, most importantly, it gathers your family together around the table. That’s why we’re presenting you with a short guide to planning, mastering and cooking your meals for the week.

1. Planning

There are several resources at your fingertips to help you plan your weekly meals.


Our practical newsletters feature many recipe ideas each week. Always tuned into the seasons and what’s at the grocery store, you won’t have to worry about finding meal ideas for those busy evenings.

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Among other things, it allows you to create personalized weekly meal plans and make your grocery list, which can be sent to you via email. All you have to do is become a member of

Print your grocery list

It’s practically impossible to forget an ingredient when it’s posted on the fridge!

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2. Mastering

Once you have everything planned out, you need to be certain that you haven’t missed anything. Our recipe and culinary technique videos are at your service to help you master whatever you wish to cook:

3. Cooking

30-minute recipes

One sheet = one meal

Freezer recipes

Slow cooker recipes

Weeknight desserts