6 Recipes That Prove the Popularity of Carrots

Carrots have been a part of our diet for a long time, yet we often forget how economical and versatile they are. So, we gave ourselves the challenge to explore the many ways that we can serve this crunchy vegetable and reinterpret it in recipes chic enough for company. This exercise was conclusive: raw, cooked, puréed, even juiced, we all adore the mighty carrot.

1. Carrot Top Crudités and Labneh

Carrots are elevated when served with this labneh-based dip sprinkled with a pinch of sumac. The colours are enhanced with green dill fronds and bright red pomegranate seeds. The secret to carrots looking their best? Leave some of their stems on!

2. Cream  of Carrot Soup with Tahini and Broccoli

This cream of carrot soup was given a serious flavour boost by adding a pinch of cumin for a Middle-Eastern-inspired touch. As a topping, creamy tahini, crunchy chopped broccoli and sesame seeds add depth and texture.

3. Spiced Lamb Shanks with Carrot Juice

In this recipe, carrot juice flavours the lamb shank in an exceptional way: The lamb slowly simmers in the carrot broth—with cinnamon and curry powder—until it becomes very tender. It’s served with carrot and olive couscous and carrots roasted with carrot juice for a very carroty meal!

4. Carrot and Shrimp Risotto

The carrot comes three ways in this risotto recipe: diced, cooked with the rice; in a crispy julienne as a garnish; and in a foaming carrot butter that the shrimp are cooked in and served on top of this beautiful orange risotto.

5. Savoury Carrot and Feta Muffins

For lunch or brunch, we love this salty muffin that’s halfway between a cake and an omelette. To grated carrot we add feta cheese, Gouda cheese and a jalapeño pepper for a light touch of spice.

6. Orange Salad with Carrots and Fennel

Carrots are ultra-refreshing in this recipe! To make carrots and other vegetables super crunchy, they are thinly sliced with a mandoline before going in a bowl of ice water. Then, simply add a white wine vinegar and olive oil dressing, and garnish with a few slices of oranges. 

No matter the season, carrots can be prepared in a thousand and one ways. To find more ideas on how to use them go here: