4 Ways to Use Leftover Sourdough

When making sourdough bread at home, it is recommended to save only a small quantity afterwards to continue feeding the starter. Here are four ways to use any excess, rather than throw it away.

1. Freeze it

You can freeze sourdough in an airtight container for up to four weeks by protecting it well (with the least air possible to avoid freezer burn). 

2. Dehydrate it

It is possible to extend the life of your sourdough for up to six months by drying it and then rehydrating it when needed. All you need is a bit of technique and some patience! While the word “rehydrate” may sound scary, it really isn’t. You’ll see for yourselves, it’s not that complicated!

3. Share it

Share any excess sourdough with loved ones. They can try baking bread for themselves, and continue to feed and maintain their own sourdough starter. As we continue to confine ourselves to the home, culinary projects are the best way to help pass the time. So get the entire family on board the sourdough train by sharing your surplus, safely, from a distance.

4. Bake with it

Sourdough isn’t only for baking bread (it’s simply flour and water, after all!). You can use it in any recipe that contains flour and a liquid, like crepe batter, waffle batter, or even sourdough crumpets!