January 4-8, 2021: New Recipes for a New Year!

2021 has finally arrived! And ahead of us? A year of change for the better. We’re wishing everyone health (unsurprisingly), to have the chance to hug our loved ones and to share quality moments together around the table. Let’s hope everything gets back to normal as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are 5 new recipes this week for the new year. Unprecedented flavours, refreshing short, meals to reinvigorate!

Monday: Stewed Vegetables with Tomato and Silken Tofu

For the first meatless Monday of the new year, we want a hearty meal that’s easy to cook, because, let’s face it: getting up this morning was already quite a step! From pot to plate, this stew fills you up thanks to the tofu nestled in with the vegetables. Add a touch of sour cream, dill and fresh lemon, and you’re in business! Bonus: the leftovers are a fantastic option for the next day’s lunches. 

Tuesday: Pan-fried Chicken with Vegetable Noodles and Tao Dressing

General Tao got a makeover this week! We used the flavours of this infamous sauce to accompany the chicken. Plus, we’ve included a spiral of freshness thanks to vegetable noodles. We love the sweet, spicy and slightly sour flavours of this recipe so much that we have to stop ourselves from making it every week!

Wednesday: Zucchini and Smoked Salmon Pita Pizzas

Two words: chic and simple! Brighten up the middle of your week with this colourful pizza featuring crispy pitas, tender zucchini and sliced smoked salmon. Everyone can garnish their own pizza as they please with shallots, dill and capers. A light and refreshing midweek dish!

Thursday: Indian-spiced Chili

A protein, plus a lot of vegetables and naan bread (store bought or homemade!), makes for the perfect formula to satisfy the family after a big day! The kids will ask for more, and you’ll  have no choice but to add this to your weekly repertoire! Looking for a shortcut? Use a full jar of RICARDO butter chicken sauce and omit the cans of tomatoes and coconut milk. Now that’s convenience!

Friday: Pad Thai with Crispy Tempeh and Broccoli

Tempeh? Yes! In a very small dice. It’s almost mistaken for peanuts when you brown it and add it as a garnish at the very end to avoid it getting soft. Completely vegan, this pad Thai is made without eggs, and the fish sauce is replaced by a generous amount of lime juice. So fresh!