March 8-12, 2021: Recipes That’ll Spice Up Your Week!

Another Monday rolling around again? Here’s a menu that will add some much-needed kick to your week thanks to a few spicy ingredients, some more so than others. When trying these recipes, be sure to keep a glass of water nearby; your taste buds will be feeling the heat!

Monday: Vegetable Tajine

Check out harissa, a chili pepper paste from North Africa! You can add it to fish, shrimp or even pasta. Tonight, include it in this tajine brimming with veggies (rutabaga, eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers). This vegetarian dish is filling enough on its own, but you can also serve it alongside some lamb merguez sausage.

Tuesday: Pressure Cooker Hot and Sour Tofu Soup

You love it when recipes are spicy, perhaps even…extra spicy? Add your preferred quantity of sambal oelek when seasoning this dish made in the pressure cooker. It’s a hot and hearty soup to help beat the winter blues!

Wednesday: Spicy Chicken with Cantaloupe and Chorizo

The combination of chorizo and crushed red pepper flakes is all you need to add some heat to your evening. The cantaloupe brings a burst of freshness to the dish with its taste and bright colour. Add a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and a vegetable of your choice for a weekday recipe that’s on the table in just 30 minutes.

Thursday: Spaghetti All’amatriciana (Spaghetti with a Spicy Tomato Sauce)

Looking for a spicy pasta dish? Well, this is the recipe to try! The crushed red pepper flakes are the secret behind its spicy taste. It’s the perfect balance of pasta, cheese, tomato and spice.

Friday: Poke Bowl with Spicy Shrimp

To easily make this poke bowl, turn to your best friend, the rice cooker. Mango brings a touch of sweetness, tempura and sesame seeds add crunch, and the spicy mayo is the piquant kick you’re looking for thanks to sriracha. Diced salmon or raw tuna can easily replace the shrimp. This definitely makes for a not-boring Friday night meal!

Cocktail: Spiced Rum with Marmalade

Break out the bottle of spiced rum and your cocktail kit to celebrate the end of the week and wow the entire household (or your roommate, the cat) with this pretty recipe. For added flair, decorate your glass with a sprig of thyme and kumquat slices on a toothpick!