10 Recipes for a Mother’s Day Inspired by the Sea

For Mother’s Day this year, what if we celebrated the woman we love more than anything (she’s the best!) with a menu filled with seafood? Kids, spouses or even for yourself, here are our 10 suggestions to help create a memorable meal, at the height of the love we have for all moms during these times.

Poke Bowl with Spicy Shrimp

Does your mother have a soft spot for fresh and delicious ingredients? This is the perfect recipe to welcome the spring season and, of course, impress with its fusion of flavours, all packed into one bowl.

Orzo with Shrimp and Chorizo

There are certain food combinations that are made for each other, like shrimp and chorizo—an explosive duo, especially in this recipe. Plus, a RICARDO rice cooker can be used to make meal prep easier.

Gin and Honey Cured Salmon Gravlax

This Scandinavian specialty will fit in beautifully with brunch. The fish fillet takes its time to marinate in coarse salt, gin and honey, and the results will definitely be worth the wait: You’ll never want to serve salmon any other way!

Cream of Asparagus with Mussels and Garlic Croutons

There’s nothing better than a delicious soup on this special day! Asparagus, a vegetable that signals springtime, will fill your bowl with a vibrant gourmet puree, topped with plump juicy mussels and garlicky croutons for crunch.

Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa

There are lots of fun flavours in each bite with this playful meal, where everyone gets to choose their toppings. Make the side dishes ahead of time to spend more quality time with mom.

Paella (The Best)

The secret to a tasty paella? The (long) cooking time that is absolutely essential—and worth every minute! This festive dish made from seafood and rice is great for celebrations, which is all the more reason to throw a mom appreciation party. Olé!

Grilled Octopus Salad

Octopus is way easier to prepare than you think! This refined and delightful dish will make you look like a professional chef, which makes it a shoo-in for special occasions!

Grilled Scallops and Vegetables with Mango-Passion Fruit Salsa

This recipe will wow with its contrasting textures and colours, plus scallops require very little cooking time and their delicate taste pairs well with fruit. This is definitely a party starter!

Mussels in White Wine with Fries

This Belgian classic requires only minimal preparation. Serve the mussels as soon as they’re ready and enjoy this easy-going meal that’s sure to brighten up this Mother’s Day.

Crab Cakes (The Best)

It’s still the best time of the year: crab season! Take full advantage while they’re still around with these sensational crab cakes that not only look impressive, but taste amazing.