The 10 Most Popular Recipes of December 2021

What dishes were found on the dinner table over the holidays? Our list of the most popular recipes on our site during the month of December gives us a good idea. And it seems that it smelled and tasted like tradition!

1. Meat Pies

Whether you call it meat pie or tourtière, it’s no surprise that this Quebec classic is at the top of the list.

2. Meatball and Pigs’ Feet Stew

And here’s another essential holiday dish. Some may even say that meatball stew is best enjoyed when mixed with generous pieces of pigs’ feet, such as in this recipe.

3. Gingerbread Cookies

Why are these gingerbread cookies a staple of the festive season? They bring up so many great holiday memories, have an intoxicating freshly baked scent, and are fun to decorate as a family and to share with loved ones.

4. Sugar Cookies

The pastry bag is always nearby when the holiday season approaches. Got a batch of cookies to decorate? Get the kids involved, and they’ll be so happy to tell the grandparents that they made them themselves!

5. Sugar Fudge

If there is one treat that’s unanimous among those with a sweet tooth, it’s sugar fudge. With this microwave recipe, your squares are ready in about 45 minutes, and that includes refrigeration time.

6. Chicken Pot Pie (The Best)

During holiday suppers, it’s common to see a plate of chicken pot pie alongside other mains and sides on the holiday table. And with this infallible recipe, we don’t blame you for going in for a second slice.

7. Date Squares (The Best)

The holiday season is the perfect occasion to bake these best-ever date squares. We highly recommend doubling the recipe in order to keep one batch for yourself, and to share the second batch with loved ones.

8. Panettone (The Best)

Panettone is now part of many people’s holiday traditions, whether they are Italian or not. This simplified recipe rivals even the softest and tastiest versions found in stores.

9. Basic Shortcrust Pastry

Before embarking on making tarts and pies (both savoury and sweet), you’ll need a solid shortcrust pastry recipe! Here is a basic one that can be made either by hand or in a food processor.

10. Chocolate Yule Log

When looking for the perfect holiday dessert, the yule log has everything you need to end a meal on a sweet and festive note. Our chocolate version is perfect for gathering everyone around the table!