The 10 Most Popular Recipes of March 2022

What were you cooking and baking the most last month? From sugar shack classics to new meal ideas on our site, these 10 turned out to be some of your favourites.

1. Chicken Cutlets, Gnocchi and Kale with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

This recipe is one of the newest on our site, and you all ran to it in droves. Creamy, cozy and bursting with flavour; can we really blame you? It’s just so irresistible!

2. Old-Fashioned Pea Soup

Pea soup is a sugar shack classic, and this recipe is a popular reference each and every spring. Hearty peas with veggies, salted pork belly and a savoury broth make for a satisfying soup!

3. Homemade Maple Taffy on Snow

Fact: You don’t have to hit the sugar shack to enjoy maple taffy on snow. It can easily be made at home, and you all definitely had fun with this recipe.

4. Maple Pudding Cake (Pouding Chômeur)

This classic Quebec dessert is a hit for a reason. After all, it’s a moist white cake soused in a maple- and cream-based sauce. How can you even resist it? (The cake is also available at IGA stores across Quebec for days when you don’t feel like baking.) 

5. Udon Noodles with Spicy Beef and Tamari

Another new recipe on our site; we knew you’d fall hard for this dish. After all, we’re all looking for tasty ways to use ground beef.

6. Sheet-Pan Maple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes and Parsnips

We’re certain this trusty sheet pan recipe came through for you on a busy weeknight!

7. Eggs Benedict (The Best)

With COVID restrictions continuing to loosen, you’ve likely reinstated Sunday brunch with your friends. Our popular eggs Benedict recipe was certainly the star of your morning meal!

8. Cream of Broccoli Soup

A creamy soup without the need for cream? Yes! We see why this recipe was a hit with you last month: three ingredients, no muss, no fuss!

9. Maple Syrup Pie (The Best)

A stunning syrupy pie that’s actually easy to make? Yes, that’s one of the reasons it’s our absolute best recipe.

10. Pasta Carbonara (The Best)

A classic of Italian cuisine ready in just 30 minutes? We hope you enjoyed this dish with a fine glass of wine!

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