8 Sweet and Savoury Ways to Enjoy Blueberries

Blueberries are the ultimate mid- to late-summer fruit, and they can be so versatile. Not only in the usual desserts (muffins, pancakes, scones), but also in savoury dishes. Check out eight of our favourite recipes; we’re certain they’re your favourites, too!

Sweet Recipes

1. Blueberry Cornmeal Cake

This ricotta-based cake with a sweet blueberry filling and a crumbly corn topping will become your staple dessert of blueberry season. (Yes, it even makes a great breakfast!)

2. Blueberry Scones

Nothing beats a classic: This recipe for buttermilk blueberry scones is one of the most popular recipes on our site.

3. Chocolate and Blueberry Pudding Cake

A chocolate pudding cake is fantastic enough on its own, but when you toss in some blueberries for a hint of tartness, it’s taken to a whole other level.

4. Blueberry Cheesecake in a Jar

When you’re craving cheesecake but don’t feel like baking one during the summer, we have this simpler version. A no-bake filling, crushed graham crackers and our delectable blueberry compote come together to create this single-serve treat.

5. Lemon Blueberry Tart

For a fruit combination that can’t be beat, lemon and blueberry ranks high on our list. The tartness of the curd definitely cuts down on the sweetness of this dessert, and pairs wonderfully with the sweet-tart berries.

6. Blueberry Pudding Cake in a Cup

Got blueberries in the fridge and a hankering for something sweet, and fast? This cake in a cup is cooked in the microwave, so your craving will be satisfied in no time!

Savoury Recipes

7. Duck, Blueberry and Wild Rice Salad

Looking for a perfect dish for your summertime picnic? Look no further than this wild rice salad served cold, with pieces of rich duck confit and sweet blueberries.

8. Grilled Pork Tenderloins with Beet and Blueberry Salad

Come grilling season, everyone knows that when you enjoy some meat, a side of something light and fresh is always required. And this beet and blueberry salad is just what grilled pork needs.