10 Tasty Ways to Go Raw

Sushi, oysters, carpaccio... There are so many ways to enjoy food in its freshest, most raw form. Check out these 10 tasty recipes that’ll inspire you to live life in the raw.

1. Remoulade Oysters

There's nothing quite like fresh oysters, topped here with a perfectly briny remoulade. Get the recipe.

2. Beef Carpaccio

The key to any successful carpaccio is slicing the beef tenderloin thinly. Here's another tip: doube the sauce! Get the recipe.

3. Calvados Gravlax

Cure your salmon for 36 hours and this simple gravlax will be a success. Get the recipe.

4. Ceviche Al Diablo

Fresh, spicy and acidic, this ceviche is sure to bring a touch of sunshine to your day. Get the recipe.

5. Beef Tartare (The Best)

If you're a newbie to raw food, our no-fail, best-ever beef tartare is a great way to test the waters. Get the recipe.

6. Salmon Nigiri

Pro tip: Be sure to pick out the freshest fish and keep it cold until you're ready to slice. Get the recipe.

7. Scallop Tartare

This is a holiday-inspired scallop tartare recipe, but we think it works all year long! Get the recipe.

8. Tropical Pineapple and Kiwi Salsa Oysters

Looking for a bright and summer-y topping for your raw oysters?  Get the recipe.

9. Beef Tataki

Tataki is the Japanese method of marinating and slicing meat, and this beef version is bursting with umami flavour. Get the recipe.

10. Salmon Tartare (The Best)

One taste of this salmon tartare, and you'll quickly see why it's one of our most popular recipes! Get the recipe.

Vicki Karigiannis