10 Recipes That Are Ready for the Victoria Day Long Weekend

The long weekends of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Canada Day are just around the corner, ready to send us officially into summer. Make the most of it by getting your barbecue out of storage and get together for great food. Here are our 10 best recipes to share in good company!

1. Burgers with Bacon and Chipotle Cheese Sauce

Nobody can resist a burger topped with generous slices of eggplant, onion and bacon. With this recipe, revisit the classic version by pairing it with a chipotle cheese sauce that you could also replace with chermoula (herb sauce) to add a touch of green.

2. Grilled Asparagus with Beet Hummus and Curried Chickpeas

Inject some colour onto your plates with this salad that highlights green asparagus and red beets. The recipe also includes chickpeas that you mix with the root vegetable to get a pinkish hummus. Enhanced with curry powder, the legumes also make an appearance as a garnish. A vegetarian meal that puts a smile on every face around the table!

3. White Sangria with Mango and Honey

White sangria is among our favourite cocktails of summer. The recipe combines white wine, rum and Triple Sec, and is sweetened with honey. Quick to make, this alcoholic beverage is ideally suited for a festive aperitif with friends.

4. Mint Chocolate Popsicles

Iced desserts always enjoy great success in the warm season. This version is made with homemade ice cream infused with mint. Simply freeze it in silicone ice pop moulds. Just before serving the popsicles, dip them in chocolate sauce. A velvety treat that’s 100% refreshing!

5. Lobster Rolls

When you offer lobster rolls for dinner, great memories of time spent by the sea will float to the surface. The recipe says to combine lobster meat, mayonnaise and seasonings, divided between hot dog buns topped with lettuce. Each bite of these divine rolls will make you think of good times spent on vacation.

6. Cold Ham and Mustard Macaroni Salad

You’re invited to a potluck this weekend? Make this classic dish by mixing the pasta, ham and celery with a creamy dressing made of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and lemon zest and juice. A winning dish that everyone likes.

7. Barbecued Ribs (The Best)

It’s better to get started a day early to make the best ribs ever. The secret? Coat them in a spiced dry rub before refrigerating them overnight to let the flavours develop. The following day, bake them in the oven, well wrapped in a layer of aluminum foil, until the meat is tender. Finish the cooking on the grill, brushing a homemade barbecue sauce all over. The result is well worth the wait!

8. Sesame and Honey Marinated Tofu Skewers

Yes, tofu can be grilled on the barbecue! These skewers will make vegetarians happy at outdoor parties. Tofu and vegetables are first marinated in honey, soy sauce and sesame oil, then threaded onto skewers that you cook on the grill.

9. Floating Islands with Strawberries, Croutons and Lemon Balm

The abundance of fresh strawberries at this time of year inspires us to cook with them as much as possible. This recipe pairs the red berries with croutons in a rich and velvety custard sauce. Divide everything between ramekins and cover with the meringue before broiling the dish in the oven until golden. A simple seasonal dessert that always leaves a good impression.

10. Thai Pork Salad

Pork tenderloin served in salad is always a safe bet in the summer, and this Asian-flavoured dish is perfect to pack for a picnic. Add the slices of meat to a mixture of vegetables and mango, topped with a zingy sweet and sour vinaigrette. The final touch? Thai basil and coconut flakes added as a garnish.