7 Dessert Bread and Hot Beverage Pairings for Fall

At the heart of autumn, when the weather’s grey or rainy, we all feel like going for sweet treats that keep us warm from inside. Here are 7 recipes for dessert breads to savour, as well as hot beverages to serve with them. All that’s missing for these little slices of comfort are a blanket and flames in the fireplace.

1. Banana Bread with Maple Crumble

How could we talk of dessert bread without mentioning the classic of classics, banana bread? This version includes an additional layer of scrumptiousness with a maple crumble topping. Best of all, dip your slice in a cup of mocha coffee while admiring the colourful trees outside.

2. Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf (The Best)

This dessert bread is among the most popular on our website. That’s no surprise, considering its perfectly lemony flavours in both its moist dough and silky icing. The poppy seeds that burst under the teeth round things off. Eat it with Irish coffee, a cream coffee with a touch of whisky and amaretto.

3. Cranberry Bread

Among sweet breads that are worth the effort, this cranberry bread is perfect, regardless of the time of day. This classic has a little tanginess that makes it truly irresistible. Delicious as is, or with a cup of pomegranate green tea.

4. Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

In the fall, it’s lovely to cook comforting desserts. So what could possibly be better than double chocolate bread? Zucchini, which is naturally full of water, brings humidity to the dough, which makes the bread wonderfully moist. Happiness in a slice for all the sweet tooths among you, to savour with a glass of golden milk.

5. Raisin and Bran Bread

Full of raisins and brown sugar, this wheat bran bread is oh, so seasonal. Soft and hearty, it’s an easy addition to a lunch box as a snack or a great simple breakfast, to munch on with a mug of coconut milk coffee with nutmeg.

6. Apple-Cheddar Quick Bread

When we think of fall desserts, apples instantly come to mind. It’s the superstar fruit of the season. Here, it’s combined with extra-sharp cheddar, a perfect alliance that always works beautifully. This excellent sweet and savoury bread will keep you inside, next to a goblet of hot cider with cinnamon.

7. Haitian Sweet Potato Bread

This Haitian dessert is both surprising and familiar. It contains such spices as cinnamon and ground ginger, but it’s made with purple skin sweet potatoes. You’ll be tempted to drink pumpkin spice latte with it.

For other dessert ideas that’ll make your house smell amazing and other seasonal beverages, check out our flavours of fall section.