August 3–7, 2020: Garden-Inspired Ingredients to Cook with This Week

Whether you’re new to backyard gardening or have been growing your own veggies and fruits for years, we know you’re probably on the lookout for recipes to help make the most of your bounty. This week, we’re showcasing a few of our garden favourites with tasty recipes that’ll quickly become weeknight staples.

Monday: Zucchini

With this year’s zucchini bumper crop, you definitely want to try something other than your usual zoodles! Break out your trusty mandolin and slice your squash into ribbons to serve on naan bread with labneh and a sprinkle of zaatar spice mix.

Tuesday: Basil

Bring some freshness to plain elbow macaroni with this homemade pesto starring basil from your herb garden. Top with sweet cherry tomatoes, soft bocconcini and chicken breast for protein, and you’ve got a perfect weeknight meal.

Wednesday: Green Beans

Grilled steak is a summertime staple and it should always be served with a fresh side! Skip the bag of mixed greens and whip up a salad from scratch with green beans, cucumbers, apples and feta, topped with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette.

Thursday: Cherry Tomatoes

Plump, sweet and tangy, cherry tomatoes are a summertime favourite. Yes, they taste great in a salad, but why not try something different this week? Cooked in a foil parcel on the grill along with white beans, shallots and garlic until perfectly blistered, they make a great side for any meat, including our RICARDO butterflied chicken.

Friday: Fine Herbs

Parsley, basil, dill, chives… we’re sure your herb garden has been bountiful this season! Use up any excess with these colourful herb-crusted lamb chops, pan-seared and then roasted in the oven to perfection.

Dessert: Blueberries

If the pandemic has you growing your own blueberries, we have a treat for you! Turn these beautifully plump jewels into a bright compote, the key element in this deconstructed blueberry cheesecake. Bright, tangy, creamy and crunchy, this summer dessert hits all the right notes.