February 8-12, 2021: Weekly Menu for Two

RICARDO recipes with only two servings? Yes, we’ve got plenty! Perfect timing, because Valentine’s Day is on its way! Since we’ll all be celebrating at home, we recommend spending quality time with your significant other, your roommates or even your friends (virtually). Because you asked, and we want to share the love, here is a weekly menu made for two, best enjoyed in the company of the one you love the most.

Monday: Pasta with Pancetta and Spinach

Let’s begin the week with an elegant pasta dish for two. The walnuts add a crunchy touch to this complete and filling meal. With Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” playing in the background, it’ll be a guaranteed hit with your significant other.

Tuesday: Smoked Salmon and Wilted Leek Bagels

Smoked salmon on a weeknight? Yes, please! Add something new to your usual bagels thanks to these creamy wilted leeks, which will become a go-to for many other recipes, like in buckwheat pancakes. Even the most reluctant of partners will ask for more!

Wednesday: Egg White Omelettes with Kale Salad

We rarely get excited over eating an egg white omelette. But the good news is, we’ve found the right combination of ingredients to make it pretty tasty! Without the yolk, eggs can be somewhat boring… Wake up your whites by whisking them with some Dijon mustard and chives. It’s a great zero-waste recipe for egg whites and a wonderful gluten-free alternative.

Thursday: Pork Tenderloin with Caramelized Pears

Here’s another way to use pork tenderloin, this time with Asian pears! You know the ones: that yellow apple/pear-looking fruit covered in a net-like foam sleeve at the grocery store? Its flesh, crunchy and juicy, oxidizes very little when exposed to air, making it great for chopping ahead of time for this recipe. Another bonus: It keeps for many weeks in the fridge!

Friday: Mussels with Sausage

“Brigitte and I first tried these mussels at Chez Hortense in Cap Ferret, along Arcachon Bay. I wanted to reproduce this recipe, given that I love pairing seafood with meat.” - Ricardo

“I’m freaking out! These are the best mussels.” - Frank H.

“Restaurant-worthy!” - Isabelle P.

“Adopted! Even better than fried, in my opinion…” - Suzie L. (Referring to the oven-baked fries that can be easily prepared without needing a fryer!)

We have nothing else to add! Enjoy!

Cocktail: Blackcurrant Cosmo

A cocktail in the colours of Valentine’s Day to brighten up your evening… We simply adore it! Take a classic cosmo and add crème de cassis; just like how Ricardo enjoys it!

Dessert: Chocolate Raspberry Crémeux for Two

The cherry on the sundae—or, rather, the raspberry on the chocolate—is this sweet treat to bite into on the night of February 14! It’s a wonderful marriage of flavours, and you can prepare the white chocolate up to 2 or 3 days in advance. As for the dark chocolate ganache, it will keep in the refrigerator for two weeks.