10 Tested and Approved Recipes for Your Thermos®

Between the return to school and picnics after a day at the slopes, there are lots of reasons to bring along a warm meal.

We asked Danielle, mom and recipe standardization chef at RICARDO, to share with us her favourite suggestions that you can carry with you in an insulated food container. Check out our 10 tested and approved recipes for your Thermos®

1. Pork, Corn and Cheddar Gemelli

A hit with the entire family, we’re starting our list out strong. Easy to transfer into a thermos, it’ll make everyone happy, from the kids to mom and dad.

2. Slow Cooker Vegetables and Meatballs

Here’s a recipe that’ll lighten the weeknight load and will be quite the treat come lunchtime! Follow our step-by-step video for a successful lunch-box meal.

3. Pressure Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowl

Quick and easy, this burrito bowl is the perfect solution when feeling rushed during the week. Your pressure cooker takes care of everything, and you can cross out “tomorrow’s lunch prep” on your to-do list.

4. Cottage Stew

A classic! Revisit this cottage stew recipe on your next day of outdoor activities. Potatoes, carrots, ground beef: It’s a budget-friendly solution to fill you up after a day of hitting the slopes.

5. Quick Chicken and Couscous

What’s quick about this chicken couscous is the time it takes to prepare, because its flavours certainly don’t give the impression that it’s been cooked in such a short time.  Everyone at home will be asking for it again and again for their weekly lunches.

6. Alphabet Chicken Soup

“Happiness is the simple things in life,” as the saying goes. So we say with great certainty that a hearty alphabet soup with chicken falls into this category of simple pleasures. Perfect for lunch and quick to prepare, what more can we say?

7. Vegetarian Chili with Edamame

The beauty of this dish takes effect. This vegetarian chili recipe will be a unanimous hit with the family, even with the more carnivorous members!

8. Pork Meatballs with Squash in a Cream Sauce

For a rustic twist to our extra-tender pork meatballs, meet our version with squash and a creamy sauce. It’s a great way to introduce this gourd to your family.

9. Pasta with Confit Tomato and Chorizo

We revisited that childhood classic—pasta with tomato sauce—for a more adult palate. Got a few tomatoes that are starting to wither? Into the pot they go for a zero-waste meal. We wake up the sauce with some spicy chorizo and cook it all in one pot for efficiency’s sake.

10. Chicken Fried Rice

Thirty minutes is all this chicken fried rice requires for a weeknight dinner (and leftovers the next day) that everyone will appreciate. Someone even commented recently that this fried rice is “the best I’ve ever had”! There’s an argument to convince the hesitant among you!