Our 10 Most Popular Recipes with Strawberries

When strawberry season is in full swing in early summer, you can’t help but use them! We’ve compiled a list of your favourite recipes featuring this local juicy red fruit. Jams, pies and cakes are amongst your favourite strawberry recipes...and believe us, we’re with you!

1. French Toast with Strawberry Sauce

French toast feels like summer when it’s paired with a coulis made from fresh strawberries. Our French toast is prepared in a classic way, and to brighten up this meal even more, cut it into pretty shapes with a cookie cutter.

2. Strawberry Jam (The Best)

It only takes three ingredients to make our best strawberry jam a success. To make it, some strawberries are puréed and the rest are cooked whole, with sugar and lemon, before mixing everything together. This is the perfect recipe for when you have a large amount of strawberries.

3. Strawberry Shortcake (The Best)

Whether it’s for a birthday or a simple BBQ, any occasion is perfect for strawberry shortcake. Vanilla cake, strawberries and whipped cream are almost synonymous with summer.

4. Creamy Strawberry Mousse

Thanks to this recipe, you get a summer dessert in just 20 minutes. All you have to do is make a meringue with egg whites and incorporate a homemade strawberry syrup before mixing everything with whipped cream. As light as a cloud, this mousse can be enjoyed in the sun.

5. Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

The sweet and tangy combination of strawberry and rhubarb is a favourite. The proof? Three strawberry-rhubarb recipes are in our top 10! And this simple crisp gets the ball rolling.

6. Strawberry-Rhubarb Pudding Cake

A filling of strawberries and rhubarb between layers of vanilla cake is happiness (especially with a scoop of ice cream!). And what’s even more convenient is being able to buy it directly at the grocery store!

7. Classic Strawberry Pie

The secret of this strawberry pie? Potato starch. Added to the pie filling, it helps thicken the strawberry juice to prevent the dough from getting soggy. A true classic!

8. Rustic Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

The last combination of strawberry and rhubarb in this top 10 is a beautiful rustic pie. We fold the edges of the dough onto the filling and the pie then cooks on a baking sheet.

9. Pink Strawberry French Macarons

Beautiful local strawberries meet French pastry in this pink macaron recipe topped with homemade strawberry jam. Perfect for yourself, or as a gift to a sweet-toothed loved one.

10. Spinach and Strawberry Salad

After all these sweet recipes, a little freshness! This spinach salad is a must when it comes to strawberries for the perfect summer pairing.