10 Soft Foods That Are Tasty and Satisfying

After our colleague Julie had dental surgery recently and had to partake in only soft foods, it inspired us to compile our best recipes that would make eating soft foods a treat, not a chore. So whether you’ve had oral surgery, or even have digestive issues that require switching to a soft diet, these 10 recipes are for you.

A few things to remember
  • • Always follow a dentist’s or doctor’s advice when it comes to foods you are or aren’t allowed to partake in.


  • • If you’re on a liquid diet post-surgery, avoid using straws. Sucking on a straw creates suction in the mouth, which disrupts the healing process. Opt for a spoon instead.


  • Keep away from hot and spicy foods for the first couple of days, as they can irritate and infect your wound.


  • • Pasta and noodles are a great option, but be sure to cook them until they are soft and even a bit mushy. You can also opt for smaller noodles (like macaroni, small shells, orzo or tubettini), which can be swallowed with little to no chewing.


1. Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs; they’re soft, creamy and gentle on the stomach. They may feel like a bland food choice, but you can certainly elevate the dish by adding some cheese, herbs or softened (read: very soft!) veggies. If you’re vegan, scrambled tofu also a great option.

2. Dairy-Free Apple and Spinach Smoothie

Looking for a smoothie that’s still filling and protein rich? Then check out this dairy-free version featuring a secret ingredient: tofu! Along with apples and spinach, it is a well-rounded drink that’ll fill your belly at breakfast.

Sides and Mains

3. Mashed Potatoes (The Best)

Mashed potatoes are a classic post-oral-surgery food. However, plain ol’ potatoes, milk and butter can get boring after a while. That’s why our best-ever version includes a little something extra: a nutty brown butter seasoned with thyme, clove and bay leaves.

4. Cold Avocado-Fennel Soup with Nordic Shrimp Salad

Soups are always a prime choice, as they can be a meal in liquid form. Hot soups aren’t recommended, which is why gazpachos and other cold soups are a popular idea. We love this fresh-tasting avocado and fennel soup, topped with tender, protein-rich Nordic shrimp. (Omit the corn kernels from the recipe, however, as these can get stuck in your teeth.)

5. Tofu Balls

While tough and sinewy meats should be avoided, melt-in-your-mouth meatballs made with ground meat are permitted. But why not switch things up and make these tofu balls instead? They are surprisingly tender and a great addition to your soft food diet.

6. Fettuccine with Squash and Creamy Herb Sauce

Tasty and flavourful, this dish is safe to eat yet still hits the spot. Roasting the hard squash not only caramelizes it, but also makes it extremely tender. Along with soft-cooked noodles and a creamy sauce, it’s a dinner that won’t leave you wanting.

7. Crustless Salmon Pie

Savoury pies like quiches or pot pies are delicious, but the flaky crust the filling is encased in is a big no-no. So we suggest opting for crustless versions of your favourite dishes, like this tasty salmon pie. The flaky fish (always a great soft food choice, by the way!) is mixed with creamy mashed potatoes and then topped with a creamy béchamel sauce, which also helps to moisten the dish even further. Also, you can omit the broccoli as a side, or at the very least, cook it until mushy.


8. Upside-Down Yogurt with Fruit

Soft and creamy, yogurt out of a cup is a quick snack to enjoy. But why not take the pleasure to a whole other level with a yogurt-based flan? Along with a tangy mango compote, this dessert is sure to go down easy.

9. Easy Chocolate Pudding

Put that pack of store-bought chocolate pudding down! If you’re going to be snacking on pudding these next few days, you might as well have a far superior homemade version. This recipe is simple to make (even the kids can help!) and is so creamy and delicious. Note: Steer clear of rice and chia seed puddings, as the small rice and seeds can get stuck in your teeth.

10. Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream is a go-to dessert after some (but not all: to be avoided immediately after a filling) dental procedures. With most other surgeries, the cold treat is great to help with the swelling and ease some discomfort. We adore classic ice cream, but banana-based versions are also delicious!