10 Tasty Recipes from Starters to Dessert That Dad Will Love

June not only means we’re ringing in the summer season, but we’re also honouring our dads! And there’s no better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with recipes cooked on the grill. From meats and vegetarian eats to barbecued desserts, what could be better?

Starters and Sides

1. Vegetarian Poutine with Grilled Halloumi

Halloumi is one of our most favourite grilling cheeses, and it works wonderfully in this vegetarian poutine. With crispy potatoes grilled in a foil packet and a decadent gravy, dad just might prefer this twist to the classic recipe!

2. Baked Sweet Potatoes with Onion

Who doesn’t love a loaded potato during a cookout? This tasty alternative starring sweet potatoes will still be enjoyed by all, and it pairs great with grilled meats.

3. Grilled Vegetable Stacks with Herb Oil

This side is packed with veggies and full of flavour, thanks in large part to the fragrant herb oil. You’ll want to pour it on everything!


4. Grilled Tomahawk Steak

Taken from the rib area, tomahawk steak is super-thick with a distinctive long bone. A big cut like this is all about simplicity and sharing: Serve it on a wooden board, separate out the bone and slice it into strips so everyone can help themselves. It’s sure to impress dad!

5. Grilled Butterflied Chicken

Butterflied, or spatchcocked, is the way to go when barbecuing chicken. The meat stays juicy because the thighs cook at the same time as the breasts. And when it comes to serving, you can either have it deboned or just chopped into pieces.

6. Whole Grilled Salmon Fillet

Play with size and scale not just when it comes to meat, but also fish. The dry rub gives salmon a salty-sweet edge. Dad won’t be able to get enough of the side of grilled romaine hearts. The taste and texture of the lettuce will be totally transformed.

7. Tofu Souvlaki Brochettes

If you’re looking for the perfect recipe for your vegetarian dad (or for a dish even the  most ardent of veggie skeptics might enjoy), this Greek-inspired tofu souvlaki on pita is absolutely delicious.


8. Chocolate Pudding Cake on the Grill

This skillet cake is soaking in an ultra-gooey chocolate sauce and is best served hot. It’s the perfect dessert to cook on the grill, as all the liquid and moisture ensure the bottom of the cake doesn’t burn. Place it at the centre of the table and let your Father’s Day guests dig right in!

9. Grilled Pineapple and Doughnuts with Spiced Syrup

Looking for a less involved dessert? Try giving a store-bought cruller a fun spin: Grill the honey doughnut along with pineapple and rum-spiced syrup, then garnish it with ice cream and crushed pistachios. Simple, yet still elegant!

10. Grilled Fruit Platter

There’s a real wow factor to bringing a huge platter to the table with a whole pineapple and big wedges of melon. Especially when they’re grilled. Throwing fruit on the grill concentrates the sweetness and makes those natural flavours really shine. This recipe is sure to be a hit, especially with a splash of homemade syrup.