Our 10 Most Popular BBQ Recipes

Summer is at our doorstep and we’re already itching to head outside and get grilling. Chicken, tofu, salmon...there’s such a variety of protein! And don’t get us started on the number of barbecue recipes we have on our website. Here are the top recipes, just in time for the start of the warmest season!

1. Barbecued Ribs (The Best)

What’s summer without our famous ribs? They practically melt in your mouth and are served with a warm, sticky, slightly sweet sauce. No need to look any further, as these are the absolute best! You can also watch our video and see how to trim them.

2. Portuguese-Style Grilled Chicken (The Best)

It’s not for nothing that this recipe is one of our most viewed when the warmest season rolls around. With its Portuguese-inspired flavours, it definitely brings heat to your plate. The skin is crispy and the meat is juicy; everyone will be asking for it again and again!

3. Chicken Skewers with Hoisin Sauce

Welcome the sunny days to come with this Asian twist on the classic chicken skewer. The quick marinade leaves the chicken pieces absolutely moist. This recipe also features grilled mushrooms and peppers.

4. Pork Souvlaki

It’s easy to fall for this succulent pork recipe marinated in a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and oregano. Inspired by the flavours of Greece, don’t forget to also pair it with pita bread and rice.

5. Beer Can Chicken

What could be more symbolic of summer than this recipe? With the ultimate dry rub and a beer can on which the chicken literally sits, this recipe has proven its worth. It’s delectable and inimitable!

6. Garlic Flap Steaks

Ricardo shares the secrets behind cooking the perfect flap steak! The key to its success? Marinate the beef all day to ensure juiciness and tenderness. This recipe requires few steps and only 10 minutes of cooking time.

7. Salmon Burgers

This is a great way to reinvent the classic burger! Salmon is formed into patties and cooked on the grill for a different way to enjoy fish. Lemon and cucumber add a touch of seasonal freshness to the recipe.

8. Maple-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

Five ingredients are all you need to get a taste of the summer season! Whether served as a starter or a main, chicken drumsticks are always a winning meal idea. Is it the fall-off-the-bone chicken, or perhaps the sticky-sweet marinade? We say, all of the above!

9. Grilled Tomahawk Steak

This large piece of meat definitely won’t go unnoticed on your plate! The dry rub adds flavour, all the while maintaining the grilled taste of this cut of meat. Carnivores of the world, rejoice!

10. Sesame and Honey Marinated Tofu Skewers

Tofu is an interesting choice for the barbecue given its versatility and the fact that its texture stays firm even in high heat. Here’s a vegetarian recipe to add to your must-try list. These skewers taste like summer on the patio!