8 Jams and Spreads to Slather on Homemade Bread

Over the past 10 months or so, you’ve likely perfected your bread-making skills! So what comes next? Homemade jams and sweet spreads taste fantastic on bread, so we say move up a level by making one of the following eight recipes.

1. Lemon Marmalade

There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying bread with homemade marmalade for breakfast. We like the classic orange version as much as the next person, but for some variety, a bright lemon is just different enough to really switch things up. All that’s required is three ingredients (one of them is just water!), a candy thermometer and 90 minutes of your time.

2. Mango and Pineapple Jam

This quick jam is so easy to make, even the kids can get involved! Chunky and bursting with tropical flavour, each bite will feel like a vacation. Mangoes can sometimes be tricky to work with, so watch our video to see how you can easily peel and cut the fruit.

3. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (The Best)

Chocolate and hazelnut spread is a favourite bread topper for both kids and adults alike, and that’s why buying jars at the grocery store can start to add up! Feed your addiction by making the sweet confection at home instead, with just five ingredients.

4. Blood Orange Marmalade

With blood oranges currently in season, it’s only sensible to make the most of the citrus with the brilliant red colour! With a taste that’s at once sweet, tart and tangy, the fruit is perfect for use in cocktails or a dessert loaf, but we particularly love it in the bright marmalade below.

5. Salted Butter Caramel Spread

Caramel on toast is a quintessential Quebec treat. But why not elevate this childhood classic for a more adult palate? This salted version balances out the sweetness, and when slathered on a rustic French-style crusty bread, it certainly feels more grown-up! It also tastes great on crepes and pancakes.

6. Strawberry Jam (The Best)

Sure, we’re nowhere near strawberry season in Canada right now, but we couldn’t omit our best-ever strawberry jam from this list! Especially given that this recipe easily works with frozen strawberries, too, so you can enjoy it year-round. 

7. Marshmallow Spread

If the kids are begging you to make this spreadable marshmallow fluff, we say go for it! Because even though it admittedly appeals more to the younger set than to adults, there are so many ways to enjoy it on bread. Spread it alongside peanut butter for a classic fluffernutter sandwich; pair it with a chocolate and toast it in the oven for a s’mores effect; or even throw on some caramelized bananas. The sky’s the limit!

8. Pistachio and White Chocolate Spread

A twist on the usual chocolate spreads, this white chocolate version includes the mild and nutty flavour of pistachios. It makes for a fancy spread, which means snack time has now become a classy affair.