Our 10 Most Popular Sandwiches

When the back-to-school season rolls around, we know what you guys are looking for most on our site: sandwiches! Great for kids’ lunch boxes or grown-ups’ desk lunches, there really is nothing better than bread filled with something tasty. These recipes are 10 of our most popular, running the gamut from good-for-you to simply indulgent.

1. Sloppy Joe

The key elements to the perfect Sloppy Joe? Quick, easy, tangy...and absolutely messy! This five-napkin sandwich uses up that ground beef that’s been sitting in the freezer, making it a great last-minute dinner idea.

2. Revisited Chicken Salad Sandwich

The chicken salad sandwich is a classic for a reason: It’s delicious, quick and makes use of leftover cooked chicken you have on hand. But we took this winning formula and added a few extras, like feta cheese for saltiness and spinach for some added colour!

3. Curried Tuna Salad Wrap

A tuna salad sandwich with a kick? Yes, please! The addition of curry powder and mango chutney to your usual tuna salad definitely takes something so simple and basic, and turns it on its head.

4. Beef Sub

Craving a classic beef sub dripping with a tangy, acidic vinegar-based vinaigrette? Bring that diner experience home by making it yourself. It’s absolutely easy to make and is sure to garner rave reviews from the family!

5. Croque-Monsieur

The definitive French open-faced sandwich, the croque-monsieur (or croque-madame if you put an egg on it!) is quite the decadent treat. Bread topped with ham and melty cheese, oozing a creamy bechamel sauce, definitely makes eating a sandwich a whole other experience.

6. Egg and Avocado Toast

Ah, avocado toast… This popular open-faced sammie with mashed avocado is definitely still trending, and we dressed it up here with a hard-boiled egg.

7. Crispy Chicken Wrap

Got some leftover crispy chicken strips? Sure, they’re fun for dipping, but breathe new life into this meal by cutting the chicken into pieces and serving them in a wrap. Quick, portable and delicious!

8. Grilled Gouda and Naan Sandwich

Is there a more loved sandwich than the grilled cheese? White bread and slices of cheddar are certainly a winning formula, but we decided to swap those for some naan and gouda to create something absolutely divine. Be sure to pair it with a cream of carrot and lentil soup!

9. Veggie Pâté Lettuce Wraps

Even though you’re working from home, that doesn’t mean your desk lunches have to be boring! Enter these lettuce wraps starring a vegetarian favourite: veggie pâté. This sandwich (yes, even without bread, we say it’s a sandwich!) will surely bring some crunch and colour to your workday.

10. Chicken Banh Mi

The secret behind this banh mi-style chicken sandwich is in the sauce:  mayonnaise dressed up with mirin, hoisin, sriracha and five-spice. If you’re looking for an Asian-inspired lunch, look no further.