Our 10 Most Popular International Recipes

We love seeing you switch up your meals and explore various cuisines from around the world. Go on a culinary journey with our 10 most popular international recipes.

1. General Tao Tofu

Among the dishes our visitors like to cook, it’s our General Tao tofu that reaches the summit of our site. We get it: Here at RICARDO, we have a soft spot for this dish. Along with our tofu version, our repertoire includes traditional chicken, chicken wings, a skillet version, cocktail sausages and a dressing. And let’s not forget the grocery store, where you can find our RICARDO cooking sauce, as well as our ready-to-heat meatballs. This Chinese-American dish will definitely allow you to go on a voyage on the cheap!

2. Homemade Pizza Dough

In the second spot, we have a recipe that is consulted week after week: our popular homemade pizza dough! Make a classic margherita, or any other version you like, and learn a few new Italian words along the way. It’s the perfect way to pretend you’re in Italy for a few hours!

3. Grilled Beef Tacos with Sweet Potatoes

Warm up your evenings with some Latin American flavour thanks to these grilled beef tacos with sweet potatoes. Easy to make, they’ll transport you away from all this February cold and snow.

4. Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables

Thailand holds the fourth position on our list of most popular world recipes. These noodles with veggies are best enjoyed slowly using chopsticks, which means spending a bit more time at the dinner table with your other half.

Note that there are many varieties of Asian-style noodles on the market. For this recipe, we used wheat-based Hokkien noodles, which are large and thick and sold precooked and vacuum-sealed in the Asian section of most grocery stores. However, feel free to explore the many kinds available during your next grocery run!

5. Saag Paneer

Off to India to learn how to make homemade paneer, a South-Asian cheese. It tastes wonderful in this classic spinach curry dish. You can also find paneer in Indian grocery stores or certain supermarkets. Semi-firm tofu is also a good alternative.

6. Osso Buco

And we’re back in the Mediterranean! Our osso buco recipe is one of the oldest and most popular recipes on our site. It’s an Italian classic that’s well worth a try!

7. Poke Bowl

Very trendy these past few years, the poke bowl has become a weeknight classic, and is the perfect vehicle for experimenting with new ingredients. You can check it out on our site, or even in our book, Vegetables First.

8. Paella (The Best)

No doubt that one of our best recipes should appear on this list! This paella will whisk you away to Spain, and as a bonus, it’s absolutely simple to make.

9. Portuguese Tarts (Pastel de Nata)

What to say about Portuguese tarts? With their flaky crust and smooth custard center, they are a bit too easy to eat more than one at a time!

10. Fresh Pasta

What better to cap off this list of recipes than fresh pasta? It is so easy to make, and it’ll allow you to have some fun in the kitchen in good company. Homemade tastes way more delicious than store-bought. Buon appetito!