8 RICARDO Kitchen Accessories That Are Hits with Our Community

It’s no secret: our RICARDO community is the best of the best! That’s why we love creating content that is catered to your needs and that answers all of your questions.

Because your opinions matter to us, we recently asked you in an Instagram poll about your favourite RICARDO products. Small appliances, kitchen tools, and let’s not forget cooking tools, you all have been generous with your answers, as always. Here are the favourites among our community and a few recipe ideas to put them to use.

8. Pastry Blender and Scraper

You love this tool that helps to easily pick up and drop chopped ingredients into a pot, to evenly work a dough, to precisely divide flattened dough… In short, it’s an all-in-one to use at your convenience!

7. Silicone Baking Mat

Sheet pan recipes are trendy (the proof: our latest book, Sheet Pan Everything!). And when one thinks sheet pan, baking mats come to mind. So leave behind disposable materials and welcome reusable items to your kitchen, like this silicone mat in seventh position. The recipe possibilities are endless, and here are a few examples.

6. Peelers

With this pair of peelers in sixth position, you’re saving both time and energy. Practical, their straight and julienne blades allow for quick prep of ingredients for delicious recipes such as these below.

5. Digital Kitchen Scale

When the digital scale entered the picture, you know it’s gotten serious! The more experienced among you know that calculating quantities at their exact amounts is a science (especially for our homemade bread!). It’s no surprise that this product will facilitate your life as it has ours!

4. Silicone Spatula

If there was ever a kitchen tool that’s underestimated, it’s this one, which finds itself in fourth position among our indispensables. Versatile, ergonomic and perfect for everyday cooking: long live the spatula that won’t scratch the surface of our pans and skillets!

3. Pressure Cooker

Our pressure cooker is third on the podium, and it’s quite the machine! Given that the cooking time is reduced to a record speed, a meal’s nutritional value remains superior when compared to other cooking methods. It’s pretty efficient! Check out our practical guide for more information on this machine and also check out our wide selection of recipes to try.

2. Slow Cooker

Both a facilitator of weekday cooking and the jewel of longer recipes over the weekend, your slow cooker is indispensable! Here are 4 savoury dishes that’ll give you a taste of the 61 other recipes you’ll find on our site.

1. Rice Cooker

In the #1 spot is our famous rice cooker. Many of you have shared with us that this small appliance has become an integral part of your everyday life, thanks to its seven automatic functions (white rice, brown, sushi and basmati, barley, quinoa, rice pilaf and steamed). You can even make a giant pancake with it! Now we’ve seen everything.

You can purchase these eight RICARDO kitchen accessories, each one more practical than the next, at our online store or at our three Boutique RICARDO store locations (Saint-Lambert, Quebec City and Laval). Your new favourite cooking tool just may be sitting on one of our store shelves!