10 Recipes to Make in Your Waffle Maker

We decided to have a little fun with our new RICARDO waffle maker and create a few recipes that are as surprising as they are delicious. We’ve got recipes with both traditional and unique batters, but all have their own touch of originality.

1. Chicken Bhaji Waffles

To cook these chicken bhajis in your waffle maker, prepare a thick dough batter with pre-tenderized onions, chickpea flour, curry powder and ginger. Add shredded chicken to the mix if you’re looking for a more copious lunch.

2. Olive Focaccia Waffles

These waffle versions of focaccia make use of homemade or store-bought pizza dough. Sprinkled with olives, Parmesan cheese, oregano and chili flakes, these golden and crunchy waffles make for a great salty snack!

3. Chocolate-Banana Waffle Toast

The base of these crisp, honeycomb-print toasts is white sandwich bread. Slather on some mayonnaise and then sprinkle with sugar before sending them to the waffle maker. Garnish with chocolate-hazelnut spread and bananas, and they’re simply delicious.

4. Waffle Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Slices of white bread can easily be transformed into beautiful golden waffles! Just toss them into the waffle iron to create this irresistible sandwich. You can even get the kids to lend a helping hand in making it.

5. Egg White Waffles

Leftover egg whites from the day before make for sublime breakfast waffles. The egg whites create a lighter dough, perfect for airy waffles.

6. Bananas Foster Waffles

Now these are some truly tasty waffles! They’re topped with whipped cream and bananas pan-fried in brown sugar and rum. This recipe is inspired by Bananas Foster, a classic New Orleans dessert. Talk about a morning treat!

7. Corn Flour and Cheddar Waffles

These cheesy waffles are hard to resist! Along with corn flour and sharp cheddar cheese, we added some brown sugar to the mix for a hit of both sweet and savoury. You can also enjoy them as a croque-monsieur with ham, asparagus and (more!) cheddar cheese.

8. Double Chocolate Waffles

These double chocolate waffles contain both cocoa powder in the batter and melty chocolate chips. That means falling doubly in love with them! And if you’re a fan of Black Forest cake, these waffles taste fantastic with a cherry compote.

9. Rösti-Style Potato Waffles

Opt for a Scandinavian-inspired brunch by making rösti, but in a waffle maker. Made using grated potatoes, these waffles are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Top with chive sour cream and smoked salmon or gravlax.

10. Classic Buttermilk Waffles

Would you rather stay on more familiar territory? This classic waffle recipe will delight everyone around the breakfast table. To switch things up, you can always incorporate anything from blueberries to chocolate chips. And don’t forget the maple syrup!

Having a few loved ones over for brunch? We’ve got a slew of ideas to pair with your waffles: