15 Recipe Ideas for Maple Syrup Season

Sugaring-off season is back and maple syrup is flowing freely. It’s the perfect time to prepare desserts that shine a spotlight on this local product. Here are 15 recipes to satisfy that seasonal sweet tooth and delight your taste buds.

Here are 15 recipe ideas that highlight maple syrup. And don’t worry—there are plenty of sweet suggestions to choose from!

1. Ricotta Doughnut Sticks with Spiced Maple Syrup

We can’t get enough of these churros-style doughnuts, with a soft and light texture thanks to the addition of an unusual ingredient: ricotta. But the real treat is dipping them in a spice-scented syrup right before taking a bite. One word: decadent.

2. Maple Crunch

You might have to wait a little bit for this maple crunch to set, but one bite and you’ll know it was totally worth it.  

3. Caramelized Pears with Maple Syrup

What could be better than a pear caramelized with maple syrup as your fruit serving of the day? This sweet dessert really makes this pear shine!

4. Maple Syrup Fudge

Preparing this treat is fast. It’s the waiting and the cooling of the fudge that will test your patience! However, you know what they say: “The best things come to those who wait.”

5. Maple Caramel

This creamy caramel is perfect on top of ice cream, cake, pancakes or waffles. And don’t be fooled by how easy it is: it’s guaranteed to please everyone in the house.

6. Maple Mousse

For a small dessert with a whole lot of pep, try this maple mousse. This dessert is de-ca-dent! And that’s how we like it. 

7. Maple Taffy on Snow

This list would not be complete without our maple taffy on snow. Simple, quick and totally satisfying, it’s the perfect solution for any little sweet cravings.

8. Maple Cloud Cake

This cake incorporates a maple meringue and 35% cream, which serves as the only fat and makes the crumb ultra-soft. The texture is also airier thanks to egg whites whipped with hot syrup. The final touch? A thin stream of maple butter poured on top. It doesn’t take much for this dessert to be the new favourite!

9. Marshmallow and Maple Chocolate Bar

We put together everything we love about the traditional Whippet—a cookie topped with a chocolate-coated marshmallow—and turned it into a large-format bar to share. Yes, a family-style Whippet! Did we mention that this dessert was given the maple touch it needed by adding it to the marshmallow and crust? Delish!

10. Maple Syrup Pie (The Best)

The classic of the classics! The unstoppable maple syrup pie has climbed the ladder to earn a place amongst Ricardo’s “best.” You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

11. Maple Pudding Cake

This Quebec classic (pouding chomeur) consists of a white cake soaked in a maple syrup and cream sauce. This is the answer to any small (or large) sugar cravings! It is also available in tray format at IGA stores across Quebec. How convenient!

12. Maple Walnut Tart

If you thought maple and walnuts were the perfect pairing, wait until you taste these flavours when wrapped in puff pastry. Inspired by a turnover, this tart cooked on a sheet pan is simple yet refined, and will be much appreciated in the morning, for brunch or as a dessert.

13. Maple Vacherins with Pear Sorbet

Our version of the vacherin—a meringue topped with ice cream and whipped cream—is a real trip for the senses. Inspired by Easter, the maple meringue is in the shape of a nest and sprinkled with corn cereal and maple flakes. A good dose of whipped cream is then added, with an egg-like quenelle of pear sorbet for a surefire Easter brunch hit.

14. Maple-Glazed Banana Scones

“I’m often intimidated by recipes where you have to make a dough, but it’s really easy! And they’re delicious hot from the oven!” said Sophie D. in the comments section of this recipe. And she’s absolutely right! These scones are the ideal way to get comfortable working with dough. Bonus: they truly are delicious.

15. Maple Saltine Brittle

Traditionally, brittle is a mixture of caramel and sliced almonds. Our sweet and salty maple syrup version is a nod to spring!