Our Best Recipes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend is a great excuse to cook a real feast for those you love. From turkey and pie to side dishes and stuffing, get inspired by our best recipes to plan a standout dinner.


A classic is a classic for a reason. Whether you’re hesitating between a pork and mushroom stuffed turkey, a roasted turkey with sage butter and Marsala sauce or a turkey roast with chorizo and herbs or sausage and pistachios, your guests are sure to be on time—maybe even with plastic containers hidden under their coats for leftovers. Which, by the way, you can use to make a turkey and mushroom gratin the next day!


Here at RICARDO, we’re serious about our stuffing! We like to cook it separately from the turkey for three reasons: First, so that it can have a crispy top, like our pork, mushroom and pancetta stuffing. Second, it allows for more for your guests, who will be happy to leave with this wild rice, apple and cranberry stuffing, along with their turkey leftovers. And last, but not least, it allows for a juicy bird, which will be delicious served with an apple and squash stuffing, or a traditional apple and sausage stuffing.


For a truly convivial evening, the sides, including the essential classic mashed potatoes, can be arranged on the table in beautiful serving dishes for guests to help themselves to, family-style. We like to opt for seasonal vegetables like  honey roasted squash with cilantro or roasted Brussels sprouts with mustard and bacon. Finally, to add a little greenery, freshness and crunch, make room for a salad of spinach, fennel and red pear.


When the weather permits, there’s nothing like sharing dessert outside and enjoying the last beautiful days of autumn, wrapped up in a big wool blanket. A slice of pie fresh from the oven is perfect for this occasion. As apples steal the show at this time of year, why not try our apple crumble pie or the best apple pie to delight dessert lovers. And speaking of the best, how about our pumpkin pie (the best) or even this maple and bacon pecan pie.