What to Do with Your Pumpkin Leftovers

Among the wonderful things about autumn, pumpkin definitely charms its way onto our menus. Once Halloween is over, you can use its delicate puréed flesh in a ton of recipes, both sweet and savoury. Here are some ideas to explore before you put this orange wonder into the compost.

1. Make Bread

Here’s a seasonal bread that your little monsters and witches will love. Pumpkin brings a certain velvetiness to this type of mixture. In fact, this bread is never dry. In any case, it’ll disappear quickly. Pumpkin is also a nice addition to moist muffins that you can devour with a good mocha coffee.

2. Make a Cake

Pumpkin gives moistness to cake preparation. Add it to tiramisu, which will yield an extra soft dough and melt-in-your-mouth taste. Or add it to a spiced cake, with cinnamon and clove, it’s scrumptious!

3. Make Chutney

The advantage of chutney is that it can keep for a long time. With a whole pumpkin, make several jars to keep in the refrigerator for a few months. In the same vein, why not turn it into ketchup? That’ll allow you to enjoy fall longer and garnish your holiday season meat pies!

4. Make a Stew

In a curry, it’s easy to replace squash with pumpkin; your curry will only be more orange and tender. In fact, all recipes that require squash can easily be adapted with pumpkin, like this squash and lentil curry. And the combination of pumpkin and spice is always a winner.

5. Make a Dish with Sauce

Pumpkin in lasagna or risotto? Oh, yes! Its smooth flesh gives creamy sweetness to these dishes and it’s a good companion to tomato sauce, most cheeses and seafood. Be bold and dare incorporating it into Italian dishes. You’ll see that it works beautifully!

6. Make a Dip

Blended into a traditional hummus recipe in the food processor, pumpkin purée makes for a delicious mixture. Half a cup will bring a little touch of sweetness. Avoid adding too much, though, knowing that pumpkin can tend to get very watery.

7. Make Side Dishes

Pumpkin has a sweetness that goes beautifully with meat and fish in a side dish. Imagine it served as roasted cubes with chopped cilantro along with a nice cut of beef, or in soup with ginger and shiitake mushrooms. It’s also delicious in a gratin, as a replacement for squash. Even as a side dish, it remains the star!

8. Make a Variety of Desserts

Whether you use it in a pudding or a pie, pumpkin is amazing when mixed with sweet ingredients like maple syrup or caramel. However, it’s all about the right balance for them to blend harmoniously, as pumpkin can have a very light taste and these ingredients can quickly overwhelm it.

And what about the seeds?

Once you’ve cooked the flesh, don’t forget to use the pumpkin seeds! Clean them, then roast them in the oven at 400°F (200°C) on a baking tray with a little oil and salt, for about 10 minutes. You can even choose to make a spicy version. Afterwards, you can use them in a ton of recipes, like a crumble, a topping for caramelized tofu or fish, or even pesto.

So, before getting rid of your jack-o’-lantern the day after Halloween, think of recycling it! There are so many things you can cook with it. Pumpkin purée is very useful. Plus, you can freeze it easily, if you prefer to use it later. Stock up for the coming months to vary your menu!