23 Recipe Ideas for the Perfect Easter Menu

From brunch to dessert, here are our best recipes for a successful Easter meal. In this list, you’ll find many classics, but also a number of dishes that celebrate the arrival of spring and warmer weather. In short, a mix of freshness and epicuriousness is on the menu.


1. Maple-Glazed Pork Belly Tart

Look no further, this recipe is the perfect starter to wow a crowd.

2. Cherry Tomato Tart

A vegetarian tart is a satiating starter that will also allow you to reduce your meat consumption! 

3. Asparagus Carbonara

Simply a classic. Easy but absolutely delicious.

4. Radicchio, Pear and Pecan Salad

When you’re looking for freshness, you’ve got it in this radicchio salad!

5. Cream of Asparagus with Mussels and Garlic Croutons

Asparagus is the star here! It’s sure to show its worth in this beautiful, creamy soup.

6. Spinach, Beet and Pickled Egg Salad 

To stay on-theme, this salad with pickled eggs is sure to please! It adds a lovely dose of colour to the table.

Main dishes

7. Maple Baked Ham

It doesn’t get much more classic than this, which is why we’re suggesting it high up on this list.

8. Honey-Spiced Ham

An interesting alternative if you’re looking for a juicy and flavourful recipe.

9. Roasted Leg of Lamb with Herb Sauce

Even if your Easter feast consists of a small crowd, that doesn’t mean we can’t go big! Besides, you’ll have leftovers for lunch all week.

10. Tamari-Maple Braised Beef

To celebrate maple season, this is the ultimate recipe!

11. Apricot-Braised Lamb with Israeli Couscous

For an Easter feast that’s off the beaten path.

12. Hearty Vegetable and Chickpea Soup

For even smaller groups, this soup that eats like a meal is a wonderful option. With this colour, your meal will shine and will beautifully herald the spring season.

13. Triple-Cream and Leek Mini Quiche with Pea Salad

For a vegetarian Easter meal, we recommend these mini quiches. Cooked in small cast iron skillets, their gourmet look is sure to impress. They’re so pretty that nobody will be able to resist them, vegetarian or not!

If you’re short on 100% vegetarian ideas, check out this list of meatless Easter recipes. We’ve got starters, mains and desserts that are sure to please.


14. Asparagus and Poached Egg Salad with Burrata

 Want to make asparagus the star of your menu? This dish is the solution.

15. Ham and Kale Onion Tart

Simply de-li-cious!

16. Scotch Eggs

This recipe may look easy upon first glance, although it’s not without a few challenges. But if properly prepared, you’ll be rewarded with how tasty it is.

17. Chilled Salmon Salad

We should warn you that this dish could make you want a second, or even third, serving! That’s normal, given that the recipe is just that good.

If you don’t feel like cooking Easter brunch, our Easter brunch box is here to help. After all, why not spend more time at the table than in the kitchen? This meal kit for two or four people includes Easter classics, with an added touch. It’s a delicious amalgamation of fresh, local products that’ll give your culinary talents a bit of a break. Talk about simplicity!


18. Caramel Whipped Cream Chocolate Cake

Do we even need to write anything here? Just look at this photo. Majestic!

19. Mille Crepe Cake

As one of our users put it: “It’s one of the best desserts, if not the best! Not too sweet.” 

20. Chocolate Hen’s Nest Tart

We have four words for you: chocolate hen’s nest tart. Truly, the only hesitation you might have is biting into the hen. We understand: she’s too pretty to eat!

If baking isn’t your thing, our tart is also available to order at our Café RICARDO locations in Saint-Lambert and Quebec City.

21. Springtime Chocolate Cake

Ring in spring with this sumptuous cake.

22. Honey and Chocolate Tartlets 

These tartlets will be a hit at home. Guaranteed.

23. Vegan Sticky Buns

To finish, here’s an offering for vegans with a sweet tooth! Without any eggs or dairy products, these buns will be the talk of the dinner table! When the recipe was initially created by Étienne, one of our Test Kitchen chefs, staff at RICARDO HQ were demanding more!